How to Choose Body Mist for Winters

Winter is almost upon us! And I love everything about winter, whether it is the chilly breeze, the dew drops, the warm sunlight of winter mornings! I feel winter brings joy to everyone, one could feel the love, joy, satisfaction in the air. It spreads some kind of magic in the environment and we all get hypnotized with it. Winter brings abundance of fresh veggies and fruits, so this season is ‘foodie’s delight’. Winter means cozy blanket, a cup of hot coffee in one hand and your favorite book in the other!!

How To Choose Body Mist For winters

Winter is synonymous with lots of outing – Picnics, get together and heaps of wedding invitations. And therefore makeup plays a huge role! To put our best face forward in all these outing, we spend lots of time to choose our lipstick, hair do, dress, shoes, bags! But have you ever considered smelling good is equally important if you want to look good and feel good! Hence it becomes very important to choose perfumes and body mists carefully for winter. In this post. I will be talking about How to Choose Body Mist for Winters.

Before I start How to Choose Body Mist for Winters from a wide range available in the market, we need to understand the importance of body mist especially in winter. The question arises that the summer mist will work in winter? Answer is a big NO!!

How To Choose Body Mist For winters, winter perfume

See in summers, generally we go for fruity and citrusy smell to recover the sweaty feeling. But winter calls for floral mists! Cold winter days often brings some kind of monotony, mood swings and laziness, this is where floral smells does there magic on us. They help us to feel refreshing all the time. Floral mists amazingly break the monotony and enable one to feel wonderful. It makes you feel more alive and keeps away from mood swings especially from the sad ones.


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Here are some quick tips on How to Choose Body Mist for Winters –

How To Choose Body Mist For winters, winter body mist

  • Budget –Please keep your budget always in mind whenever you go for buying perfumes. I know perfume lovers will burn their pockets and will end up with several bottles of scents.
  • Know What is Your Taste –Some woman do not prefer girly scents, they feel more mature and confident with some woody fragrances. It would be better if you follow your instinct rather than salesman, because scent is not a thing which should be followed according to the trend. If you know your taste then it is very well, otherwise I would suggest you to go for lighter tones with long lasting effect, floral one especially for winter.
  • Intensity –Now the intensity matters a lot, in winter it would be better if you prefer a lighter tone to stronger one. One should always remember one thing- strong fragrances should be avoided in closed spaces like offices, classrooms, conference hall. You can save them for outing or invitations.

So girls make your choice wisely and do consider all these points and have a wonderful winter 🙂

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