How to Avoid Pimples

How to Avoid Pimples – Hi Beauties! Today my post is about How to Avoid Pimples. Teenagers are the ones who suffer maximum from pimple marks. they are always on the lookout for the best cosmetic treatments or products for curing these marks. Do you want to know about How to Avoid Pimples. In this post I will share you some Tips which is easy to apply. Let’s see this post- How to Avoid Pimples.

How to Avoid Pimples

Reason for Pimples:

⦁ An improper diet that includes too many soft drinks, spicy and fried food and snacks with high iodine content
⦁ Pores clogged by dirt or pollution
⦁ Stress
⦁ Hormonal changes due to menstruation
⦁ Genes – blame it on the folks

There are oil glands on your chest, face and back numbering in the thousands. In fact, between the nose and cheek areas there are as many as two thousand oil glands every square inch. The function of these oil glands is to lubricate the skin by producing oil, or sebum. Oil that is produced in the glands flows through follicles or tiny ducts to the surface of the skin. It usually starts far beneath the surface of the skin. A blemish (or internal lump) begins about 2 to 3 weeks before it appears on your skin’s surface. Acne first begins to form in your sebaceous hair follicles. You know this as “pores“, the tiny holes on your skin. Deep within each hair follicle, sebaceous glands generate sebum, the oil that keeps your skin soft, moist and pliable. As part of your skin’s renewal process the old cells die and are shed off. Normally, this cell shedding process happens gradually, and fresh new skin takes its place.

But sloughing (the process where living tissue is separated from dead skin tissue) is not the same for everyone. Some people shed cells evenly while others don’t. The result of uneven sloughing is that dead cells become sticky, clogging together to form a plug, similar to a cork in a bottle. This plug traps oil and bacteria inside the follicle. The trapped oil begins to form a lump as your skin continues its normal oil production. Your body’s natural defense system then sends an army of white blood cells to attack the bacteria. The whole process takes around 2 to 3 weeks, resulting in a pimple.

How to Avoid Pimples:

Wash Right: –

Wash your face regularly, not more than 3 times a day, unless you’re living in a highly humid and/or polluted city which requires more washing to unclog pores. The best way to wash the face is to first lather your face-wash  in your hands, apply it to wet skin and rinse. Scrubbing only aggravates the skin and causes further problems.

Cleansing Routine: –

Cleanse tone and moisturize your face twice a day. Don’t skip the moisturizing step even if you have oily skin – just use an oil-free moisturiser.

Exposure to the elements: –

Avoid exposing your skin to the harsh elements. If you are going for a long drive, roll up your window slightly, so your face doesn’t get plummeted by the wind, especially in polluted towns.

Water: –

Drink plenty of water to detox your system. Impure blood and poor circulation is one of the primary causes of acne.

Eat Right: –

Unless you are allergic to certain foods, eating junk food doesn’t lead to the formation of pimples. But over eating certain foods, especially heating foods like chocolates and mangoes, can lead to an overnight zit congregation.

If a pimple does burst accidentally (or intentionally!), wash the area with soap. Then reach for a lemon slice and squeeze ten drops into a cotton ball. Keep it on the burst pimple for about 10 minutes. The scar will vanish.

Lemon: –

Lemon maintains the pH balance of skin, and it is a good idea to give your face a rinse of lemon water once a day. Just squeeze half a lemon into half a mug of water and splash it on your face. Rinse off the residue with regular water.

Remedy For Pimples

Tips for pimples care

⦁ Pound and place mint leaves all over your face for 10-15 minutes. Remove all the leaves and wash your face with cold water. Do not rub leaves on skin as it may cause skin irritation if you already have pimples.
⦁ Directly rub potato slices all over the face, helps to get rid of blemishes and pimple scar.
⦁ Use multani-mitti (Indian fuller’s earth) as a mask if you have very oily skin. Add rose water to fuller’s earth. This mask will help absorb oil and prevent pimples. Do not over use this mask. You can use it once a week. Avoid using this mask if your skin is very sensitive and dry.
⦁ Before bathing, apply a mixture of fresh tomato pulp, rose-water and honey to your face and keep for twenty minutes before washing off.
⦁ Boils Neem leaves in water. Add some plain water for taking bath to this concentrated mix. It is an Ayurvedic remedy for staying away from most of the skin problems.
⦁ Generally we rub, press or squeeze our pimples. Don’t when we do this, we risk spreading the bacteria to other areas.
⦁ Press ice over the swollen pimple. If you have popped a pimple, do not forget to press ice and splash some astringent.
⦁ Vitamin A tablets are also a natural and effective cure. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin.
⦁ Consult a skin expert before using any product on your skin. If possible always use ayurvedic and herbal product. They do not have side effects.
⦁ Wash your face with cold water at least twice or thrice a day and whenever you come back for outside.
⦁ Rub a pinch of turmeric powder while washing your face at least once or twice.
⦁ Apply a mixture of tomato juice and honey. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face. This will help to prevent pimples and also clear previous pimple marks. Do not use this mixture for sensitive skin.
⦁ Juice of raw papaya is the best treatment for pimples. Apply fresh juice of raw papaya on skin.
⦁ Prepare a mixture of apple pulp and honey. Apply this mixture on face and let it stay for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. It is good for getting rid of pimples.
⦁ Apply mixture of honey and lemon juice drops to have a shiny and clear skin.
⦁ Tea Tree oil applied directly to infected pores.
⦁ Lemon juice diluted in water can be applied externally because of its antiseptic quality.
⦁ Use cucumber or other fruit and vegetable packs to cure pimple scars.

If your skin is allergic and sensitive consult an expert before applying any product or even natural ingredient on your face.

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Diet for avoiding pimples :

You can even avoid pimples by consuming a balanced diet. Your diet plays an important role for getting a healthier skin.
⦁ Drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water. This will help to detoxify your body and avoiding pimples.
⦁ Avoid consuming oily, spicy and junk food as much as you can.
⦁ Make fruits and vegetables an integral part of your diet. You can drink fruit juices. If you want to have glowing and red cheeks you can eat red fruits like apples, cherries and tomatoes.
⦁ Have a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric powder at least once a day.

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