How to Avoid Panty Lines

How to Avoid Panty Lines – Hi Fashionistas! Here I am back with a new post on How to Avoid Panty Lines. By hearing the word “Fashionistas” everyone becomes really excited and all. But being a fashionista is not an easy task at all. You really need to be creative and different in your style. And only looking trendy, looking comfortable in all clothes is also very important. You need to also pair it with good accessories like handbags and jewellery too. But the most important thing is Wearing right and proper under garments. Your undergarments should not emphasize but equally should complement the outfit. So, take care while pairing the undergarments also, be it your bra or your panty. Now, one of the most important observations is visible panty lines in your dress. It really turns off any outfit.  Today, I will tell you some easy tips and tricks to avoid those panty lines. Doesn’t matter how great or gorgeous you are looking, a visible panty line will really make your outfit a straight no. Yes, I know all of you might have faced this issue at some point of time in your life. To make sure, it doesn’t happen again, check out my post on How to Avoid Panty Lines.

How to Avoid Panty Lines

How to Avoid Panty Lines

Say Yes to Thicker Fabrics

Wearing thicker fabrics is one of the best way to avoid panty lines. If you wear thin fabrics like silk, cotton or georgette and chiffon and likewise then you might end up being a fashion disaster. So, avoid that.

Wear Prints

Wear Prints

Wearing prints is a fab way to prevent those visible panty lines. More and more colours and prints will prevent any kind of uneasy moments. Actually wearing prints will take away the focus from that point.

Laser Cut Underwear

Laser cut underwear

Have you ever heard of laser cut underwear. Well, VS, Commando and other desi brands also have them. These are really lightweight panties mostly made of lace and silk. And thus, there is no chance of any visible panty lines.

Invest in No Seam or Elastic Underwear

Invest in no seam or elastic underwear

There are a number of neighbouring shops which sell no seam or elastic underwear. They are mostly sold because you cannot see the panty lines.

Avoid Dark Underwear under Light Clothing

This is a plain common sense. If you are wearing a lighter cloth and dark underwear, be it bra or panty, it is bound to show off. We have observed a number of oops moments in bollywood because of this.

Say Yes to Thongs

Say yes to Thongs

Thongs are mostly worn because of invisible panty lines. You might feel uncomfortable at first but gradually you will get adapted to it.

Avoid Wearing Clothes that are Too Tight

Wearing tight clothes is not always sexy. You need to be really comfortable in your clothes. And wearing too tight clothes will emphasize your panty lines more.

Try to Maintain a Shape

wearing shapewear to avoid panty lines

Wearing a good shapewear or any tights beneath your clothes is another trick to avoid visible panty lines. Alternatively, You can also try wearing a slip beneath your dress. Try to adapt this trick.

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Correct Fitting

Correct fitting

Correct fitting is really important in case of all clothing especially underwear. If your panties are too loose then they will hung loosely and will leave a very bad impression and not to forget look too.

Give a Try to Boy Shorts

Try to boy shorts

The trick to avoid panty lines is to wear layers. So, you can also try wearing shorts beneath your dress.

So here I have discussed about How to Avoid Panty Lines. Let me know if you are aware of any others in the comments down below.

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