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How to Avoid Bloating During Periods – Hi friends, Periods are such a difficult time for women. I have not seen a single woman in her life who is not afraid of PMS. All of us seem to have some or the other issues related with periods. And one of the major issues is period bloating. Well, some of us experience bloating before the period starts. Whereas most of us experience it during periods. Actually, I was shocked to hear that people have bloating issues before period. Anyways, some of them have even complained of increase in body weight because of that. Yes, there is an increased amount of water in your body which is because of some hormonal changes. Well, it is not entirely possible to get rid of the Period bloating but at least you can do something here. So, let’s see How to Avoid Bloating During Periods.

How to Avoid Bloating During Periods

How to Avoid Bloating During Periods

1. Reduce your Salt Intake to avoid bloating during periods

Reduce your salt intake

The first and foremost thing to do in order to get rid of bloating is to cut down on your salt intake. Excessive consumption of salt can cause fluid retention and thus bloating is obvious. This should be followed not only in case of PMS but also normally.

2. Say No to Harmful Beverages to avoid bloating during periods

You also need to limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine. This can also be another major cause of bloating. And the same goes with alcohol too. If any of us is suffering from period bloating it’s time to immediately stop this drink products.

3. Increase consumption of Water to avoid bloating during periods

Increase consumption of water

If you want to get rid of your period bloating issues increase your water intake. You might think what am i saying??But this is true. Drink more and more water so that you could get rid of the excessive water content in your body.

4. Walking or Stretching to avoid bloating during periods

Yes, i know exercising is prohibited during periods. But light exercises are not prohibited. So move yourself a bit and get involved in some brisk walking and slight stretching exercises.

5. Avoid Rich, Fatty and Gassy Foods to avoid bloating during periods

Avoid rich, fatty and gassy foods

Fatty and gassy foods are mostly difficult to digest. So, try to eat something which is much easier to digest. If it will be easy to digest then it will not cause any bloating. Logic right!

6. Eat Green Leafy Vegetables to avoid bloating during periods

Eat green leafy vegetables

Try to consume more and more green leafy vegetables. Not only are they easy to digest but also extremely for “those” days. Increase intake of kale, green spinach, avocado, beet root, collard greens and likewise.

7. Increase consumption of Fruits and Nuts to avoid bloating during periods

Well, fruits and nuts are really healthy. You should try increasing more and more fruits like papaya, mango, pineapple and nuts too. Not only are they good for your skin and hairs but they are pretty amazing for your period bloating issues too. Now, i guess you don’t have any more reason to skip them.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar to avoid bloating during periods

Yes, I know apple cider vinegar is not good to consume. But at least drinking 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day is really good for your period bloating issues. It balances out the hydro chloric acid that your body makes.

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9. Eliminate Dairy Products to avoid bloating during periods

Eliminate dairy products

Sometimes consuming too much of dairy products can be another reason for your bloating. So, try to minimize the consumption of dairy products at least on the days when you are PMSing.

10. Feel Tension Free to avoid bloating during periods

Stress is really bad for your skin, hairs and overall health. Feeling all stressed out can cause serious health issues. And bloating is one of them. So, stop getting all stressed out and take a proper sleep.

These were some tips about How to Avoid Bloating During Periods from my side. Let me know if you have any more ideas in the comments down below.

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