How to Apply Perfect Make up for your First Interview

Along with the whole lot of achievements in your professional life, work experience and excellent degrees, looks or appearance also play an integral part in converting an interview and landing up with your dream job. Your appearance plays an important role in conveying your level of proficiency and aptitude, attitude, confidence level, to portray whether you pay enough attention to details and to show how professional you are. Nicely done make up also makes you a much more confident person and thereby helps in presenting your skills and qualities before the interviewing panel in a much better way.

How to Apply Perfect Make up for your First Interview

Here are some make up tips for your first job interview, which will surely help you to make a good impression before your future employers:

Makeup: Keep It Simple

Firstly, you need to clean your face with an exfoliating skin rejuvenation face wash. It will remove all the dead skin and make your face absolutely clean. If you have chapped lips, then make sure to remove the dead skin with the help of a good scrub and thereafter apply a good lip balm.

Secondly, apply a bit of foundation to make your facial skin tone even and supple. Always choose a foundation that perfectly blends with your skin tone. Foundation helps in hiding the blemishes on your facial skin. However, if you do not use foundation commonly, then it is best to leave it.

Thirdly, since it is a formal occasion use a matt finish light color lipstick preferably shades of pink or brown in accordance with your complexion. Lip gloss does not go well for a formal interview. So keep it away even if you feel comfortable wearing it.

Fourth, a bit of mascara and kohl will work perfectly for your first interview. If you are applying eye shadows, choose neutral colors and apply it nicely so that it blends well with your face.

Fifthly, using a little bit of blusher on your cheeks as it will add color to your face and make it glow.

Sixthly, you will definitely need a concealer before facing your first interview. Facial breakouts and puffy eyes are the most common problems that most first timers face before their first interview. Concealer helps in hiding both these problems efficiently. So make sure you have a good one within your reach.

Hair Style: Keep It Neat

Hair style is an important part of the makeup regime, before facing an interview. If you have long hairs, tie it up tidily into a ponytail as it makes you look all the more professional. A hair spray will help to keep the flyaway hairs out from your face. If you have short hairs, set it according to the haircut style, but just make sure not that no bangs fall on your face. Following these simple steps will give you a professional look and boost your confidence level.

Nails: File Them Properly

A neat and clean hand speaks a lot about the persona of the interviewee. If your nails are not in proper shape, then you should go for a manicure to file your nails properly. Use light shade nail paints like pink or beige as it helps in making you look all the more professional.

Lastly, your skin rejuvenation and perfect makeup will remain incomplete without a confident smile. So make sure to smile a lot and be yourself to make a positive impact before the interviewer. Best wishes.

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