How to Apply Makeup like Professional- Step by Step Tutorial

How to Apply Makeup like Professional- Step by Step Tutorial – If we imagine our face as a blank canvas, then makeup is the expression of art. But like any other form of art, makeup can be intimidating for a beginner. And that’s why we have come up with this post on how to apply makeup like a pro. Here in this article, you will find a step by step tutorial on how to put on makeup. With so many different products and tools available for makeup application, it is quite natural to feel lost. These makeup steps given below will help anyone to learn the art of makeup. It is said that a small mistake can ruin the entire makeup. So read these guidelines below on how to apply makeup and make sure you nail the art of flawless makeup.
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How to Apply Makeup like Professional

These makeup steps below will give you a clear idea on how to apply makeup like professional. Before doing any makeup look it is must that we start with a clean and clear skin. Steps are –

1. Prepping the Face

2. Apply Primer on Face

3. Foundation Application

4. Use Concealer to get Smooth Face

5. Apply Powder

6. Apply Eye Shadow over Eyelids

7. Use Eyeliner for good looking Eyes

8. Apply Mascara on Eyelashes

9. Apply Kajal to get bold look

10. Eyebrow makeup

11. Highlighter is next step

12. Apply Bronzer

13. Blush plays an important role in Makeup

14. Lip Liner gives shape to your lips

15. Last important step is applying Lipstick

1. Prepping the face

Cleansing your face – If you are wondering how to do makeup in order to look flawless, you must begin with a clean canvas. First remove any old traces of makeup, dirt or oil and then use a gentle facial cleanser to make the skin completely clean. Make sure you choose a facial cleanser according to your skin type.

Toning – The next step is toning. Many of us underestimate the power of toner, but toner is actually a wonderful product for our skin, specially for oily and acne prone skin. Toner balances out the pH level of our skin and also close the pores that get opened up during cleansing. This way toner helps to minimize the chances of getting open pores which can further develop into acne.

Moisturizing – Moisturizer is a very essential part of any makeup look. If the skin lacks moisturization, makeup does not sit well and looks cakey after few hours. So make sure your face is well moisturized before you start applying makeup. Always choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Don’t go for too oily or heavy moisturizers as that will spoil the makeup in a few hours.
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Apply Sunscreen – If your moisturizer provides you with enough sun protection, then its well and good. But if not, then don’t forget to grab the sunscreen tube. Sunscreen is must through out the year. When you are applying sunscreen, it acts like an insurance for your skin and protects the skin from all the harmful affects of UVA/UVB rays of sun. Skip sunscreen if you are doing makeup for a evening or night function.

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How to Apply Makeup – Base Makeup

2. Tips for applying Primer

The next step of our makeup tutorial on how to apply makeup is about doing the base. The first thing that is needed for a flawless base is primer. Go for a primer that suits your skin type. Primer ensures that we get maximum coverage out of our foundation and it also smoothens out the texture of our facial skin. Primer minimizes the pores and gives a smooth base to apply foundation. It also prevents sweat to melt down the makeup and increases the longevity of our makeup look.

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3. Application of Makeup Foundation

This is a must follow makeup step if you want to know how to put on makeup like a Pro. However, before applying foundation, you got to think about few important factors. Understanding our skin type is very important step on how to apply makeup like an expert. Your skin type determines the type of foundation you will use. For dry skin, liquid foundation, creamy or hydrating powdery formulas work best. Matte powdery foundations go well on oily skin types whereas, if you have combination skin you can choose either powder or liquid foundations.

Not only skin type, but our skin tone also plays a key role. When it comes to selecting the right shade of foundation, do swatch on your neck or arms. Foundations that matches with the skin tone of your neck, arm of chest is actually your perfect shade. Not only apply, but you actually have to blend it down. And if it matches the skin tone then do pick that one up.

Steps for application of Foundation

The right technique to apply foundation gets the job half done. If you are using a liquid foundation, put a few drops on a wet sponge/beauty blender or your fingers. Dab it on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. If you want sheer coverage, use finger tips and for medium to full coverage use a brush or wet sponge. Start blending from the center of the face in downward direction and then work your way to edges of your face. Using downward circular makes sure that the little hairs on our face lay down and do not interfere with our makeup application.
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If your question is how to apply makeup like a pro, then you should know that blending is the key to get a flawless base. So make sure to blend down the foundation very nicely along your face, jawline and neck so that your skin does not look dual toned. Take little foundation on a concealer brush and them on your stubborn blemishes for better coverage.

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4. Use Concealer to get Smooth Face

Concealer does exactly what the name suggests. It conceals the spots, blemishes and dark circles and give us a natural looking flawless face. Choose a concealer shade which is a bit lighter than your natural skin tone, as that will help not only to hide spots but also will brighten up the face. If you have a large area to cover choose a liquid concealer. But if you want full coverage and have to cover a small area, then stick concealers are best.
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Steps for application of Concealer

  • With a concealer brush apply some concealer under the eyes, on the chin, in the T-zone and around the nose.
  • To ensure that your under eye dark circles are completely concealed and looking natural, apply concealer in the shape of a triangle below the eyes.
  • Apply concealer on the spots and blemishes. And finally blend the edges so that it gets blended in to the foundation seamlessly.

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5. Apply Powder

After the base makeup, its time to set the base, and for that we need little touch of powder. Dry skin beauties can skip powder, but normal, combination and oily skin beauties must dust the T-zone with a loose powder. This will set the makeup and help in reducing shine to a great extent. That’s our base makeup done and set. Now lets move on to the eye and face makeup.

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Tips for applying Eye Makeup

Eyes are one of the most important features of our face, hence we must invest ample time while doing our eye makeup. The basic of eye makeup is to apply eye liner, kajal and mascara. However while talking about How to Apply Makeup like a pro, we must consider applying eye shadow to complete our eye makeup. So lets check out how to apply makeup on eyes.

6. Apply Eye shadow over Eyelids

Before applying eye shadow, one must apply a coat of eye shadow base on the top of the eyelids. Never use concealer or foundation on the eyelids as a base, as it can end up creasing your eye makeup. An eye shadow base or eye shadow primer helps in increasing longevity of our eye makeup.
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Steps for application of Eye Shadow

  • Use your fingertip to apply eye shadow primer and blend from the roots of the lashes to the top of the crease. Lightly dust some loose powder to set the eye shadow primer.
  • Next on our steps of how to put on makeup is about applying eye shadow. There are several ways to apply eye shadow plus there are several formulas as well. If its a day time makeup, then go for a matte formula for smoother and prettier look. If one not sure which shade to pick, then choose natural tones such as brown, taupe, grey, mauve, muted purple, etc to create a classic and also universally flattering look.
  • First cover the area between your lash line and brow with a lighter tone, this will work as the base color. Then apply another layer of eye shadow and also this time pick a darker hue. Blend well so that it creates an impression of darker to lighter shade with the darkest shade closest to your eye.

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7. Use Eyeliner for Good looking Eyes

You should also know about the the eyeliner tips if you want to know how to apply makeup like a professional. Apply eyeliner starting from the inner corner of your eyes and then line it towards the outer corner of the upper lash line. There are various eyeliner looks in trend now a days. You can either create a classic winged eyeliner, double winged eyeliner, dotted line or anything you desire.

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8. Apply Mascara on Eyelashes

Get a good quality mascara and apply it on both upper and also on lower lashes. You can go for more than one coat depending on the intensity you want. In case you are applying 2-3 coats of mascara, then wait till the previous coat dries up completely. Use a zigzag motion to avoid clumping of the eye lashes.

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9. Apply Kajal or Eye Pencil to get bold look

Its time to finish off our eye makeup in this makeup tutorial. Apply kajal or eye pencil on the lower lash line. Or you can also pick a brown or neutral color eye shadow shade for your bottom lash line. Moreover, you can opt for black or any other color of kajal or eye pencil, but make sure it goes well with the rest of your makeup and your outfit. Take a smudging brush and then smudge the product to get a mild smokey effect.

If you feel comfortable you can also apply false lashes on your upper lash line with the help of a eye lash glue.

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10. Eyebrow Makeup

Doing the eyebrow is as important as our eye makeup. If your eyebrows are not done properly, no matter how much beautiful eye makeup you are wearing, you just won’t look as gorgeous as you expect to be. This step of how to do makeup is particularly important for those with over plucked or sparse eyebrows.

Steps for Doing your Eyebrows

  • First pick up an eyebrow pencil or a brow pomade that closely matches your eyebrow color.
  • Create small hair like lines in the gaps of the eyebrows by using short strokes.
  • Next take a small brush and then blend the product evenly so that your eyebrows look naturally thick and voluminous.

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Tips for application of Face Makeup

The eye makeup tutorial is done. Next up on this makeup tutorial of how to apply makeup is doing the face makeup. There are various makeup items that can be used on the face to enhance the beauty. Highlighters, bronzers, blush, etc are very popular now a days. So lets check out how to apply makeup on face below.

11. Highlighter is next step

Highlighter is must if you want to learn how to apply makeup perfectly. It gives a very natural looking, lit-from-within kind of glowing look to our face. Highlighter should be applied on the high points of our face. Get hold of a good highlighter palette and then apply highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, on the cupids bow, on top of the nose, chin and in between the brows. Blending is once again the key here. Blend your highlighter in such a way that there is no harsh lines and also the glow looks very natural. You can use your fingertips to apply highlighter and then blend it as well.

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12. Apply Bronzer

Normally we do not apply the highlighter and bronzer at the same time. Highlighter goes well with evening or night look where as bronzer is applied for day time makeup look. Bronzer is used to get a sun kissed glow on the cheeks. In fact, it also helps to get a contoured look and make the face look chiseled. This is a great tip if you want to know how to apply makeup like a professional.

If you want to go for a subtle, contoured look, go for a matte bronzer. Try slightly lighter hues as dark tones if not used with caution, can make you look aged. So its better to start with a lighter shade of bronzer and then slowly move towards a deeper hue.

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How to Apply Makeup – Application of Bronzer

Bronzer should be applied on those parts of the face where sun would naturally shine on your face. Swipe bronzer on your cheek bones, forehead and nose. Always start with a light hand and then slowly build up.

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13. Blush plays an important role

Blush is very important part of the makeup, be it simple or intricate, day time look or night makeup look. It adds a glow to the cheeks and also makes the face look fresh and healthy. We normally apply blush on the apples of our cheeks. So, if you want to know how to apply makeup like a pro, you must learn how to apply blush in the right way.

Steps for application of Blusher

  • Blusher or blush comes in three varieties – powder blush, cream blush and liquid blush. While doing makeup, we would suggest you to stick to one particular variety. Do not mix the powder and liquid, as that would not let you blend the blush properly and also ruin the entire makeup.
  • If you want to know how to do your makeup, do remember these tips on blusher application. For normal to oily skin, go for powder or cream blush. Foundation also plays a vital role in determining what texture of blush you should use, according to experts. If you are using a liquid foundation for doing your base, then you must use liquid blush or a cream blush. But if you have used powder foundation, stick to powder blush.
  • Choosing your blush tint is another very important steps of this makeup tutorial on how to apply makeup. Experts suggest, wear a cool toned blush with a cool toned lip color and a warm toned blush with a warm lipstick. If you are not sure which shade to go for, pick a rose toned blush with a hue of brown as this rosy-brown shade flatters every complexion. Always keep in mind, that your blush color should be the natural color of your skin when flushed.
  • If you want to know how to do makeup like a pro, then using the correct technique to apply blush is also very important. First look in the mirror and smile slightly. This will help to locate the apples of the cheeks. Apply the blush with a blush brush on the apples and then blend it towards your ear. If you end up over doing your blush, then simply take a damp sponge that you use for your makeup, dab it little on the cheeks and then again blend it all. Do keep in mind this handy tip to fix your overdone blush.

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Tips for doing Lip Makeup

14. Lip Liner gives shape to your Lips

Many of us do not apply lip liner, but it is an important part of this makeup tips on how to apply makeup. According to stylists, wear a nude or natural colored lip liner since it is more versatile. Its not always possible to find a lip liner that exactly matches a lipstick. And natural lip liner works with every color.

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15. Last important step is applying Lipstick

We are going to round off our tutorial on how to apply makeup with lipstick. To put everything together, lipstick is must. The ideal lip color which suits with your skin tone can actually enhance the natural shade of your lips. You can select a sheer lipstick. It will minimize the chances of mismatch. You can also choose colors like pink, red, coral, brown, mauve according to your choice.
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Steps for Application of Lipstick

  • Lipstick application plays a vital role if you are interested in learning how to apply makeup. First apply a lip balm or any other lip moisturizer.
  • Then line your lips carefully with the lip liner and stay within the natural boundary of your lips.
  • Now apply lipstick.
  • Before applying lipstick, you can also cover the lips with lip liner to increase the staying power of the lipstick. This a quick little tip on how to apply makeup on the lips like a pro.

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This was a little guideline and step by step tutorial on how to apply makeup like a professional. These tips will help even the beginner to conquer cosmetics. Do let me know what do you think about this tips on how to apply makeup like a pro 🙂

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  1. Nice one. clearly explained each step in detailed manner 🙂

  2. The makeup process Time saved: 10 minutes As far as the makeup is concerned, start off by wearing a foundation in order to even out the tone of your skin. If you don’t need foundation, you can always just use a good concealer to correct any imperfections. Furthermore, use a bronzer to draw all the attention to the centre of your face. Make sure not to shape your face with blush – use this only on the apples of your cheeks.

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