How to Apply Lipstick Using a Brush

Make up application is very important to create a flawless, beautiful face. And brushes are the best way to achieve that flawless looking face. These brushes are very helpful to apply and blend colors perfectly and create different makeup looks with ease. Lip brush is one such very important make up tool. Lip brush is usually thin and long with short, soft and smooth bristles at the end. Using a lip brush to apply lip cosmetics not only allows us to use less lipstick, but also the product can be applied with precision, without any smudging. So lets check post on How to Apply Lipstick Using a Brush.
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How to Apply Lipstick Using a Brush

Lip brushes are one of those things that make our lipstick look at its best. Many of us get little crevasses on our lips. Using a lip brush allow the lipstick to get into the lips and gives a smooth and even coverage. If you want to mix several shades of lipsticks, lip brush is must. Moreover, lip brushes can blend the lip liner and lipstick together on the lips to give a more natural appearance. While lip brushes have so many benefits, most of us often neglect it because we are not sure how to us it properly. Here we have put together a few easy tips to apply lipstick using a lip brush.

Steps to Apply Lipstick Using a Brush

  1. Lips are the most sensual part of our face. Therefore utmost care and attention is needed while applying lipstick. First comes prepping our lips. Start with exfoliating. Use a soft tooth brush to scrub off the dead skin cells from your lips. Alternatively, a homemade lip scrub can also be made by mixing sugar and olive oil.
  2. Once we are done with exfoliating, apply a little bit of moisturizer or your favorite lip balm to the lips. Be careful, don’t apply too much or else your lipstick will start bleeding. The main purpose of applying moisturizer or lip balm is to make the lipstick glide easily on our lips.
  3. Next comes preparing the base coat. The best base for lipstick is foundation. It not only evens out the lip color, but also makes the lipstick stay longer. So apply a light coat of foundation. Primers will also do the job.
  4. Outline the lips with a lip liner. The lip liner should be the exact same color as the lipstick. Lip liner is important to keep the lipstick from bleeding. Make sure the lip liner pencil is sharpened for a more defined look.
  5. Gently fill the lips with lip liner. Simply roll the sides of the pencil against your lips and you are fine. The will make your lipstick look richer and intense on your lips.
  6. Now the lips are ready for applying your favorite lipstick. While applying lipstick, relax your mouth so it opens slightly. Now swipe the lip brush over the lipstick or dip it into the pot of lipstick. Start applying from the centre of each lip and slowly work outwards to fill in. Use short brush strokes.
  7. When the lips are entirely covered with lipstick, gently blot with a tissue to press the color into your lips. Now apply another coat of lipstick using the lip brush (from the centre to outwards). This will make the lipstick stay longer. Blot again to remove the excess lipstick and to set the lipstick in place.
  8. Dust some translucent loose powder on the lips to set the color and get a nice matte finish. For glossy lips, apply a nude lip gloss.
  9. Finally, take some concealer on a small concealer brush or a cotton pad and gently go around your lips. This will fix the imperfections and yes, you are done 🙂 How-to-Apply-Perfect-Lipstick-New-Tutorial

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Sexy, attractive lips are not all about looking fuller and shinier. It is also important to look soft and even. Lip brush is the only trick to achieve such lips. It gives our lip makeup a nice finish. A lip brush makes our lips look smoother, elegant and more feminine, a look that you will surely love 🙂

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  1. wow great post 🙂 I never use a lip brush to apply lipstick 🙂 but now i will try it

  2. Even i am too lazy to use a lip brush, will definitely do this next time 🙂

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