How to Air Dry Hair Fast

How to Air Dry Hair Fast – Winter is a tough time not for our skin, but also our hair. Washing hair regularly becomes difficult in cold weather and what causes more problem is to Air Dry Hair Fast. Leaving your hair to air dry in summer is easy, but wet hair is just miserable in winter. Blow dryer seems to be the best option, but who wants to dry out and damage hair in winter which is already a tricky time to maintain healthy locks. Dry shampoo is another option, but you cannot live on dry shampoo throughout the winter, after all you need to clean the build up some times!! Therefore its not possible to avoid hair wash in winter, but how to air-dry it faster? We know you are committed to minimize heat damage, so here is a write up on How to Air Dry Hair Fast for you!

How to Air Dry Hair Fast

How to Air Dry Hair Fast

Always Use Conditioner

We know conditioner is necessary to keep our hair soft, smooth and manageable. But most of us do not know that conditioner also helps to air dry hair fast. The silicones coat each of our hair strand and prevent them to absorb more water than needed. Thus conditioner smoothens out our locks while repelling water at the same time.

Use Pillow Towel

Your regular bath towel is doing no good to your hair. So replace it with a pillow case or pillow towel which is softer than regular bath towels. The softer texture of the towel will allow to soak up twice as much water without frizzing up the hair strands. You can wrap your hair in the towel or just squeeze out the excess water gently and allow the hair to air dry naturally while you doing your other activities.

Tips to Air Dry Hair Fast

Use the Wide Toothed Comb

Its not a healthy practice to comb our hair while it is still wet. But at times we have to tweak some rules! In order to air dry hair fast, use a wide toothed comb to separate the hair and allow better air-flow.  Alternatively, you can use a microfibre brush to soak up more water as you brush.

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Add Alcohol

Alcohol makes our hair dry and the same way, it helps to air dry our hair fast. The water on the surface of the hair evaporates faster when it comes in touch with alcohol. Using a lightweight hair spray or a hair mist or setting spray that contains alcohol on wet hair helps to zap the moisture on the hair fast.

Ways to Air Dry Hair Fast

Use Paper Towel

It sounds a little bizzare, but this is a superb trick to air dry hair fast. Paper towel absorbs a great amount of water from the hair. Just blot your hair with a few sheets after using a regular bath towel or pillow towel and see the difference. But be careful enough not to scrunch as that would make hair frizzy.

These were few simple tips on How to Air Dry Hair Fast. These tips will be helpful during the cold winter days. That’s it for now, see you all soon.

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