How Smoking Damages Hair

We have been hearing for many years that smoking is the most dangerous habit but we all are very casual in our daily routine for cigarettes. The smokers know all the bad results of nicotine. Smoking is destructive agent for whole body it is like slow poison for our all organs. It ruins our lungs, blood vessels, skin and heart. Each cigarette choked our blood vessels so that our heart has to work double to fulfill the demand of oxygen.We know all these destruction but we don’t know that smoking is also injurious for our hair. So let’s check out How Smoking Damages Hair.

How Smoking Damages Hair

How Smoking Damages Hair

Basically smoking is vanishing agent for hair. So the smokers should ready for the problem of balding. Smoking has many damaging results for hair. You can’t even imagine that how much nicotine spoil your hair. There post presents some quick facts regarding smoking and hair. Take a look at How Smoking Damages Hair.

Hair Smells Bad Due to Smoking

After smoking, you never feel that your hair smell like smoke but other people who stays close to you  can feel the smoke all the time even then, when you are not smoking. No shampoo or conditioner can remove this ashy smell. It smells really bad and after few years smoking you will be unable to remove this smell.

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Hair loss

How Smoking Damages Hair 1

All the smokers can feel their daily hair loss. Balding is the result of smoking because nicotine clogs our blood vessel that is why hair becomes dull due to the lack of oxygen. According to the dermatologists every year thousands of girls losing their hair due to chain smoking.

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Grey hair Due to Smoking

Nicotine restricts oxygen flow so that our hairs cells get died due to the lack of pure blood. Smoking also damages the nourishment process of our hair. Keratin is most important protein for hair but it becomes damage while smoking, so due to the lack of keratin and nourishment our hair becomes grey. Aging of hair is very normal for the chain smokers.

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Permanent Dullness Due to Smoking

How Smoking Damages Hair 2

Due to lack of nourishment and important proteins, our hairs become permanently dull. The habit of smoking frequently can make your hair thin and the strands turn brittle so that it might be possible that the dullness become permanent. Smoking makes our hair rough first and then slowly it took all the nourishment, after that our hair become dull and grey.

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So girls, now you know that how smoking damages our crowning glory, our hair. Hair plays a big part in enhancing a woman’s beauty, so stay away from smoking and protect your gorgeous tresses. Hope you enjoyed reading my post today 🙂 See you soon with another new article 🙂

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