How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health

How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health – Hello everyone and here I am back with a very interesting post. Today I am going to tell you How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health. It is said that we spend almost 1/3rd of our lives sleeping. Getting enough sleep is very important for our overall health. Lack of sleep affects our physical and mental health and our overall mood. But, do you know that our sleeping positions are equally important? Our sleeping positions often make the difference between a good sleep and bad sleep!! Most of the time, we do not put much importance to our sleeping positions, however, researches suggest that how we sleep has a huge impact on our health. Some of the sleeping positions can cause back pain, neck pain, develop wrinkles on our face, while the others are great for increasing blood flow, minimizing acid reflux, reducing back pain etc. Let’s take a look How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health.

How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health

How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health

Sleeping on Our Stomach

How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health - sleeping on stomach

This sleeping position helps in digestion. But on the downside, it can put strain on the neck which can damage our neck. Also it puts our lungs under too much pressure, which hampers our breathing. Sleeping on our stomach can cause back pain too as the curve of the spine remains unsupported.

Sleeping on Our Back

How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health - sleeping on back

This is considered as the best sleeping position, specially when the arms are at our side. It is good for our spine health and neck, but make sure you are not using too much of pillows. It also improves our posture and reduce headache. However, back sleepers tend to develop sleep apnea in which one can experience breathing pauses during sleep.

Sleeping on the back with arms up is good for our back. However, having the arms up can cause shoulder pain. Sleeping on our back prevents facial wrinkles and skin breakouts, but can result in problems with acid reflux.

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Sleeping on Side

How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health - sleeping on side

  • Sleeping on the left side aids in proper functioning of heart. It puts strain on internal organs like liver and stomach, however this sleeping position helps to reduce acid reflux. This is the most comfortable sleeping position for pregnant ladies.
  • Sleeping on our right side can increase acid reflux which can cause stomach discomfort and lead to insomnia.
  • While we are sleeping on our sides, our arm positions also play a vital role. Sleeping on our sides with arms at sides is good for our spine health. It reduces back pain.
  • Sleeping on our sides with arms out has same benefits of sleeping on sides with arms at sides. However, sleeping on our sides can cause shoulder and arm pain due to restricted blood flow, which can be avoided by having our arms out in front of us.
  • Sleeping on the sides can lead to skin ageing and sagging breasts.

Fetal Position

How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health - fetal position

Fetal position is when we sleep all curled up by drawing the knees near our chest and our chin tilted down slightly. This sleeping position is very comfortable, but it can strain our back and neck a lot. Plus it also restricts deep breathing.

Until now, probably you haven’t put much emphasis on your sleeping positions. But now that you know How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Health, I hope you will become more careful about how you sleep. That’s all for now, thanks for reading 🙂

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