How I deal with Pimples

Hi everyone! Today I will be sharing How I deal with pimples. Pimples or acne is very common for teenagers. Pimples starts in puberty, but often they affect us adults too. And be it teenager or adult, everyone would agree that pimples give us nightmares. Excess sebum secretion by the oil glands is the main cause of pimples. But environmental pollution, food habit, improper hygiene can also results in breakouts. Whatever the cause might be, we can’t just stand pimples on our face and start trying various methods to get rid of them. Home remedies always work to treat pimples, but there are certain products available in the market which also can give relief. And being a busy professional, I often have to rely on those products to treat my pimples. They work, they really work! So check out below to know How I deal with pimples.

How I deal with pimples

How I deal with Pimples

Here I am going to tell you about few products that always help me to deal with my pimples.

Garnier Pure Extra Strong Pimple Control Pen

How I deal with pimples, Garnier pimple control pen

Ok, so this is my emergency pimple treatment. Whenever I feel a pimple is about to pop up, I immediately apply this?Garnier Pure Extra Strong Pimple Control Pen on that place. I use it twice a day. And after each application, I feel a tingling sensation on my skin, which indicates that it’s working. The formula has Vitamin B3, Salicylic acid, eucalyptus and menthol -all known for their pimple healing quality.

Faceclin Gel

How I deal with pimples, faceclin gel

Now what to do when the pimple has already popped up, Apply faceclin gel. It is a clear gel that smells like ginger. I apply it on the affected area at bedtime, right after washing my face with face wash. Upon applying I do not feel any irritation or burning sensation on the skin. And the next morning, I wake up with a lot smaller pimple. It does a great job in terms of reducing the size of the pimple and then making it disappear.


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Tea Tree Oil

How I deal with pimples, tea tree oil

We all know that tea tree oil has amazing skin healing properties. It helps to cure acne, pimple and other skin irritations. Tea tree oil has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. I prefer to use The Body Shop Tea Tree oil. I use tea tree oil when a bunch of pimple comes out. The Body Shop tea tree oil is safe to use directly on skin, so I apply it on the affected area at bedtime and it eventually helps soothe the skin.

So here is How I deal with Pimples. What is your emergency pimple treatment? Do share with us 🙂

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