How Does Alcohol Affect Skin?

Hello girls, today I am going to share a health care topic with you – How Does Alcohol Affect Skin??Alcohol has become a style tag in our modern life and it has become very normal to drink alcohol in parties. But while following these modern idea, sometimes we forget about our health and skin. Alcohol is so harmful for skin as well as for health. Alcohol damages liver which is the most important organ of our digestive system. If our digestive system does not work well, it affects our skin. A little peg of alcohol can be harmful for our blood cells and it leads to dehydration. In other words, alcohol damages our internal health which reflects on our skin. In this post, I will be elaborating on?How Does Alcohol Affect Skin?

How Does Alcohol Affect Skin


First bad effect of alcohol is dryness. Alcohol results in skin dehydration. Alcohol consumption steals glow from our skin. Swelling and bloating are very normal to those who are used to drinking alcohol. Alcohol can destroy your skin tissues. Alcohol is a poison for your bodys largest organ and that is skin.


Alcohol can make your skin looking aged and harsh. It can make your skin look dull. It decreases the level of blood in your skin cells. Without a good amount of blood, skin can suffer from acne and breakout problems. It removes anti oxidants from your skin cells. When your cells suffer from the lack of nutrients, it become damaged and dry. Alcohol plays a major role behind premature skin ageing.


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Red Spots

Red spots are the sign that your skin lacks vitamins, fluids and anti oxidants and it can be dangerous. Red spots on the skin can be pretty stubborn. These spots can be accompanied with swelling. Alcohol ruins your beauty quickly. It can break your capillaries which results in red spots.


Alcohol can increase your body temperature. High temperature is not good for skin cells. It can cause breakouts. So with drinking of alcohol is majorly linked with pimples. When alcohol enters your blood vessels it is very obvious that you have to suffer with these problems. Pimples can become stubborn and leave spots to your skin.


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Other Harmful Affects

Alcohol not only affects your skin but also your hair, feet, hands and body. It affects your digestion. It ruins your hair too. Regular consumption of alcohol can stop your hair growth. It makes your hair rough, dull and hard. It can make your feet rough and filled with cracks. Your hands become hard and drinker can feel the roughness on their hands.

So alcohol can make your body and skin lifeless. It is always better to choose soft drinks or juices over alcohol. I hope you all like this post. We should stay away from alcohol and preserve your beauty for a long time. Alcohol is poison for your body, skin and health.

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful.

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