How Do You Color Hair At Home

Hair is our crowning glory, our biggest asset. Nothing looks more beautiful than long, healthy and beautiful hair. And in order to have such gorgeous tresses, proper hair care routine is must. But in today’s world, most of us can’t invest that much time in taking proper care of our hair. Environmental pollution, dust, dirt take its toll on our hair and results in premature greying. Grey hair is very embarrassing, it spoils our entire look, our makeup, everything. So what to do? The instant fix is hair color. So check out my post on how do you color hair at home.

how do you color hair at home

How Do You Color Hair At Home

Hair color not only saves us from the embarrassment of grey hair, but these days it has become a style statement. Strategically placed hair color can enhance our facial beauty and hide our imperfections, just like makeup. Moreover, hair color can turn any good hair cut into an amazing one. A good quality hair color also nourishes and moisturizes our hair. You can color your hair at salon or parlors, but that will cost you quite a large amount of money. But you can easily save those money by coloring your hair at home and it’s not at all tough. In this post, we have discussed how do you color hair at home.

Prepping your hair to color hair at home 

Clean hair is necessary to color hair at home. Shampoo your hair a day before coloring. Avoid shampooing your hair on the same day of coloring, because in that case your hair will be without its natural oils & natural oil is important to make the color stick to the hair.

Choose the color to color hair at home 

Lots of hair colors are available in the market these days. Pick the shade of your choice and make sure it’s from a reputed and trusted brand.

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Prepare the color to color hair at home 

Before you start coloring your hair, you need to read the instructions written on the package. Now take a small plastic bowl and mix the dye with the developer (according to the instructions) that comes in the hair coloring kit. Mix thoroughly with a wide hair coloring brush. Sometimes a small plastic bottle is provided with the kit. In that case, put the dye and the developer in the bottle and shake until they mix well together.

Preparing yourself to color hair at home 

Wear an old shirt/top that you don’t normally use anymore while coloring your hair. This will save you from repeatedly washing your clothes in case there is any hair color stain on it. You can simply throw away your old shirt or top. For extra protection wrap a towel around your shoulder. Next up is brushing your hair thoroughly to remove any tangles. Apply a small amount of Vaseline or any other cream on your hairline, neck and ears so that the color doesn’t get stuck to your skin. And now put the protective gloves on so that you don’t end up dyeing your hands.

Color your hair to color hair at home 

First, divide your hair into four sections using a comb. Use clips to hold each section. Now take one section and break it into smaller sub-sections. Use the hair coloring brush or the applicator bottle to dye your hair. Start from the root and work your way towards the end. If you have really long hair, it’s best to take help of someone with this step. Once you are done applying the color, put a shower cap on your head. This will keep your head warm and as a result the color will react better with your hair. Wait as per the instruction given on the package. In the meantime, wipe off the excess color off your forehead, ears or neck with a wet cloth.

Rinse your hair to color hair at home 

Now it’s time to wash off your hair. Use a good quality color protecting shampoo to rinse your hair. Don’t forget to follow it up with color protecting conditioner, because your hair needs extra care now to deal with all the chemicals present in the hair color.

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Dry your hair to color hair at home 

Avoid hair dryer to and let your hair air-dry. Don’t use any hair styling tool like flat iron or curler on the hair that has just been colored. That’s it, you are done coloring your hair at home.

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So friends, now you know that coloring your hair at home is not at all difficult. Just get your favorite shade and flaunt your beautifully colored tresses.

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