Hot Tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚ I am here with a new topic – Hot Tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage. Because of the impact of movies and television, we are made to believe that the ultimate happy ending is the marriage and not the beginning. But in real sense, marriage is new beginning, whether it is arranged or love, you need to work it out. Its simple yet tricky. As time passes, both the partners, takes each other for granted and that’s where the boredom pops in and leading to some arguments. So here are some of the tried and tested solutions which I am sure to work out. So check out my post on Hot Tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage.

Hot Tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Every Day is Valentines Day

Why wait for Valentines day or anniversary day to express your love? Every day is a valentines day!! Say I love you to your partner every single day, no matter what. Celebrate the love for no reason.

Buy Gifts

Buy your partner gifts to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Buy gifts to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Buy gift for your partner. There might be something which is in your partner’s mind for a long time, but is hesitating to buy the same. So, here is your chance, gift your partner. Recently there was news, a wife gifted her husband, her kidney on valentines day. So gift need not be only in monetary terms, it can be anything, which adds value to your partners life.

Get Naughty

Why not send a naughty text to your partner. The smile that just flashes is sure to bring liveliness to your life. Also watch porn together. Have you tried it out? It is really fun. If not porn, watch porn cartoons. I am sure it would turn you and your partner on.


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Have Lunch/Dinner Together

With the fast moving life, when the husband and wife are both working, it is difficult to have all three meals together every single day. Make it a habit, to at least have one single meal together. This would strengthen the bond between the spouse. Please do not switch on the TV while you are having the meal.

Go for Walks

In 24 hours every single day, it is possible to take out time for 15 min walk every day together. During the time, do not discuss office.

Tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Have Annual Holidays to Some Destination

We work like donkeys, but we need to take some time off at least once a year to go for a family trip. Plan for a trip. Even if you cover one single state every year you have plans for next 29 years ready. Also, plan some weekend destinations every quarter. Spend time with family. Keep these holidays only for you and your partner. Do all crazy stuff during these trips. Your shorts and midis are lying in your wardrobe. Take them out now and pack for your trip. Plan each trip as honeymoon trip.

Dress for Each Other and Shop those Special Clothes

Dress for your partner to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Why dress up for occasions like wedding and parties? Take out time for each other and dress for your partner. Wear that special outfit gifted by your spouse. Why wear special clothes only on the first night. Surprise your partner with new set you recently purchased only to grab his attention.

Cook for Your Partner

Cook for your partner Cook for your partner

Give your partner a day off for cooking. Cook something special for your loved one. You need not prepare a 4 course meal. But simply Maggie would also suffice. Even surprising your partner with breakfast in bed, starts the day with a bang.

Hold Hands

Why shy away from holding hands? As you age in marital relationship, holding hands also becomes uncommon. Start this habit today. Show your partner, you are there for him/her always. Holding hands conveys that the partners are together and will hold and support each other in good and bad times.

Easy tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

How to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Share a Common Hobby

This is one of the effective remedies taken from movies. Sharing a common hobby, like dancing, trekking brings the souls together and ultimately the life turns out to be romantic.

Shower Together

Have shower together at least once in a week. It relaxes the muscles and with refreshing mood, you are on the move. Science also proves that having shower together is good for any relationship to blossom.

These are some of my favorite things which I am sure to work out. And last but not the least, have faith and love in your partner. [All the photos used in this post were taken 6-7 years back]

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Anju is from Goa and is working as Analyst in Hyderabad. She has completed MBA in finance from ICFAI Business school, Pune. She loves writing, dancing, trekking and doing adventurous thing. She loves to see new places. She has passion for beauty and makeup. She keeps herself updated about latest fashion trends and implement them. She likes neon colour and keep experimenting with them all the time.


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