How to do Hot Oil Manicure

Hey friends how are you? Today my post is on How to do Hot Oil Manicure. After the festive season, your colleges, schools and offices are open now. In this whole hectic schedule we forget about our hands which actually does all the work silently in our daily routine. We all are conscious about how do our face look, but we don’t remember that our hands are our first impression because when we meet someone we start our introduction with a warm hand shake. So girls only doing a nail art are is not enough for healthy hand, it need something special. So get ready to give nourishment to your beautiful hands.

How To Do Hot Oil Manicure

Hot oil manicure is one of the best manicures because it instantly works on your hands and gives surprising results. It can be easily done at any spa but its steps are not so easy. It is not as simple as normal manicure but I will try to give you some tips on How to do Hot Oil Manicure at home.

Before doing this hot oil manicure, you should know its benefits –

  • It cleans your nails as well as all the dead skin.
  • It softens?cuticles.
  • Prevents your nails from breaking.
  • Your nails become stronger.

How To Do Hot Oil Manicure, oils


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How to do Hot Oil Manicure

Step 1

You need a few oils in this manicure like olive oil, sunflower oil, hibiscus oil or almond oil. Make sure that you are including at least two oils from the above list. You have to add vitamin E capsules in it also.

Step 2

Mix all the ingredients and microwave it for 25 seconds.

Step 3

How To Do Hot Oil Manicure, dipping nails in oil

Let it cool down a little bit. When it is slightly warm, dip your hands in the oil mix and keep it like that for a few minutes.

Step 4

How To Do Hot Oil Manicure, cuticle pushing

Massage your hands. Clean your nails with nail wall dust remover. Push the cuticles back with cuticle pusher.

Step 5

How To Do Hot Oil Manicure, nail shaping

Wash your hands with normal water. Then file your nails with filer. Apply moisturizer. And finish off with nail polish or doing any nail art. So the luxurious manicure is done.

How To Do Hot Oil Manicure, beautiful nails

Hope you all liked this post. It is a luxurious treatment for your nails. No need to spend lots of money at parlor and spa because you already know How to do Hot Oil Manicure at home. This hot oil manicure nourish your nails and makes them beautiful and glowing!

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