Honeymoon Makeover Tips for Brides

Hey everyone after receiving a lot of request here is Honeymoon Makeover Tips for Brides. Every brides wants to look good on her first honeymoon so today I am sharing best tips to look good and beautiful. After all its one of most special thing. This is the period when newly wed couples take a break to share some private and intimate moments that helps establish love in their relationship. To fulfill your dreams of looking beautiful on your honeymoon and even after that also, here are some honeymoon makeover tips that all brides should try.
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Honeymoon Makeover Tips for Brides

Honeymoon Makeover Tips for Brides

Hair : with our hair we can do many thing to change our whole look but always remember do only that which will suits your face otherwise it will ruin it so as per face cut you can take hair cut or any nice hair color or you can go for permanent hair straighten.

Many brides prefer to keep their hair long, as they wish to either don a bun or a braid for their marriage function. As a bride you too must have given the need of getting a nice hair-cut a skip. But, you can shed your worries by getting a haircut just before going for your honeymoon.

Even you may go for hair color like shades brown, burgundy, blonde, according to the color of your eyes and skin-tone. Opt for colored streaks or a ravishing ‘Global’ color and add an extra amount of glamour to your look.

and always remember do it all in a professional salon Because Experts there can help you chose the best possible colour, according to your hair type and skin tone. A nice professional color will be a refreshing change to make your husband swoon over you! 

Eyes : Girls eyes are so expressive we all knows and these expressive eyes can add lots of difference on your whole look so just add tips and get attractive seductive eyes.

Go for contact lenses if your wearing glasses or go for colored contact lenses which also looks good as per skin color tone. So try to make eyes more beautiful. And always carry mascara with you it make a lot of difference if you apply only mascara also. and please avoid that heavy kohl eyes or heavy eye makeup other wise all time you will spend in a makeup. just go simple for eyes.

Nails : Chipped nail paints can turn – off your groom so just avoid that bright nail colors and go for pastel or soak-off nail paints. otherwise again you will spend a lot time to apply nail paint like professional because we all knows nail paints does not stay for more than a couple of days. 

BB creams : BB creams saves a lot time to do face makeup so choose best bb cream which will give you natural looking glowing face in within seconds with long last results. 

Lip Balm : Choose pigmented lip balms for your honeymoon and avoid that lip colors. Lip balms gives naturally soft and pink lips which looks elegant and you can carry it easily and its really easy to apply not like lip colors that all time needs touch up and even lipstick not gives that soft look which lip balm gives.

So try these Honeymoon Makeover Tips to look beautiful and always stay hydrated which will give you glowing skin naturally.

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  2. important tips 🙂 i m gng fr honeymoon in nov 🙂 will surely follow these 🙂

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