Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips

Since days you all have been reading my product reviews. Today, I’ll be presenting something different – the recipe of a DIY – Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips. Its not just our skin which needs exfoliation, our lips are in the line too! Remember that line ‘Chubby cheeks, rosy lips’. It’s certainly possible for us to get back those beautiful lips which we had when we were a baby!? I was once playing with the ingredients in my kitchen and ended up with a really helpful recipe for my lips! Thought to be sharing it with you all. So here goes my first ever DIY tutorial – Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips.

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips

Things needed to prepare

  • Sugar
  • Rose water
  • Lemon juice
  • A small bowl
  • Spoon
  • Toothbrush

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips, ingredients

Steps to make Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips

  • Let us go by the amounts, add 2 tbsps of sugar (not the fine one) to a tsp of each lemon juice and rose water.
  • Mix well with the help of a spoon
  • Now, take some amount of the lip scrub onto your toothbrush.
  • Scrub, scrub, scrub! But be Careful, your lips are quite delicate!
  • Never scrub your lips with an empty toothbrush, keep on refilling once you are finished with the previous lot!
  • Scrub the inner part of your lips too
  • All done? Wash away with normal water

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips, the mixture

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips, lip scrub

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My experience with Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips

First be prepared for your lips to feel really weird. By feel I mean that you will have a weird sensation in your lips once you clear off all the scrub. This happened to me when I used the scrub for the first time and I thought that oh god what the hell has happened! But as time went by, I realized that this happened just because my lips were new to the scrub. And the feeling is only for the first 15 minutes or so, nothing longer. And as your lips get adapted to the scrub, the sensation will gradually fade away. A tip – apply a lip balm to soothe your lips for the first few uses.

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips, my lips before and after using this scrub

About the results now, this sugar scrub has proved out to be heavenly for me! You can see it all in the before and after pictures itself! And I promise you there is no editing! My lips really got soft and pinkie right from the first use! And about exfoliation, I was getting mad by those dead cells that had inhabited over both the inner and outer part of my lips!! This scrub has really saved me!! Overall, I would say that all the issues that I ever had with my lips were resolved by just some experimenting which resulted in the this Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips.

Cautions while using Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips :

  • Don’t scrub too hard! Our aim is to remove only the dead cells not the living ones!?
  • Scrubbing with bare toothbrush will end up in cuts
  • Not to use more than once or twice a week. Most recommended is once a week.

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Why sugar

Sugar removes the dead surface of your lips to reveal the new fresh layers, making lips soft, glowing and kissable.

Why lemon juice

Lemon juice extracts help in the lightening of lips and making them look pink.

Why rose water

Rose water give a refreshing effect to our lips and helps them to look smooth and glowing.


Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe for Dark Lips, me after using this lip scrub

Ready to go to my Casio classes after some lip scrubbing…?

There is nothing much complicated in this scrub, is there? So all you need to do is collect these 3 items from your kitchen and ready for glamorous lips!

Awaiting your replies…See you soon ?

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  1. Nice post dear i will try this.

  2. This one looks really easy! and effective too! 🙂

  3. Simple nd esy to do …you are looking very adorable ?

  4. ohh baby thanks for sharing this scrub recipe with us 🙂 easy to do 🙂

  5. Wow.. I have tried sugar, coffee and honey for lips. will try with rose water next time.

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