Homemade Scrub for Face and Body

Hi everybody, winters are here and dry skin making irritation of itching but here is my Homemade Scrub for Face and Body which will help to remove the layer of dead skin cells in your body and face. This process can reveal the fresh, clean, and rejuvenated skin hidden under the layers of grime, sweat, and dead skin cells that have accumulated during your daily activities. So lets take a look how to prepare Homemade Scrub for Face and Body.
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Things You will need for Homemade Scrub for Face and Body

  • A clean bowl
  • A spoon to stir
  • Oatmeal powder
  • Turmeric or haldi
  • Yogurt
  • Rose water

Steps for preparing Homemade Scrub for Face and Body

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  • Pour some fresh yogurt nearly 3 table spoons in a clean bowl. Blend it well to get a uniform consistency.
  • Add 2 table spoons oatmeal into the yogurt
  • Now add ½ spoon turmeric. Mix all the ingredients well.

Homemade Scrub for Face and Body rose water image

  • To adjust the consistency and add some fresh smell, add nearly 1 tablespoon Rose water.
  • Stir well to get a creamy paste.

Homemade Scrub for Face and Body paste image

Your face cum body scrub is ready.

swatch of Homemade Scrub for Face and Body

Apply this mix onto skin and leave on for 2 minutes, thereafter, use your finger tips to massage it onto your skin for scrubbing action. Wash off after 5 minutes using lukewarm water.

Enjoy clean and fresh skin that’s also well hydrated 🙂

Let’s have a look at the skin benefits of the ingredients we have used

Benefits of yogurt for skin

  • Curd acts as a natural skin softener due to presence of Lactic acid.It softens the topmost layer of skin that contains dead skin cells and helps in it’s easy removal. This-prepares the skin to absorb nutrients better.
  • It also moisturises and hydrates skin. It is a cheap and best remedy for dry skin.
  • It is a mild everyday bleach to remove fresh tan.
  • It is rich in Zinc that helps in clearing out skin from acne and pimples.People with any skin type can use it without hesitation.
  • Yoghurt also helps in shrinking skin pores.
  • It also helps in evening out skin tone.

Benefits of Turmeric for skin

  • Turmeric has healing properties. It helps in recovery from scars.
  • Turmeric has Excellent skin exfoliation properties.
  • Turmeric helps in getting a glowing complexion. That is why it is so commonly used in wedding rituals.
  • Turmeric is a good anti ageing agent. It helps in reducing fine lines on face.
  • Turmeric helps in lightening scars and stretch marks.
  • Anti inflammatory so, it helps in reducing itchiness and redness caused by Acne.

Benefits of Oatmeal for skin

  • Moisturise skin by absorbing moisture from water and  forms a protective layer of skin and helps in reducing moisture loss-from skin. Due to mild scrubbing action,it helps in removing dry and flaky skin.
  •  Excellent as a facial scrub.Since, it is mild. It can even be used on daily basis.
  • Remove itchiness.
  • Skin lightening properties with regular usage.
  • Natural cleansing agent.

Benefits of Rose water for skin

  • Rose has anti inflammatory properties.
  • Great as a cleanser and toner.It helps in closing, open pores.
  • Rose has mild astringent properties.
  • Rose has a relaxing and refreshing smell and also helps in adjusting the consistency of the face scrub.

Hope, you all enjoyed the recipe 🙂

About Pearl

Pearl is from Delhi. She is dentist by profession and a beauty, health and wellness blogger by passion. She find writing a great way to express her thoughts. Her hobbies are shopping, writing, blogging and music. She loves to spend her free time ad mist greenery and nature. She is a die hard romantic.She is a beauty enthusiast too and likes everything about makeup and skincare. Her favorite colour is Coral pink. Her skin complexion is fair with shoulder length wavy hair. She happens to have a combination skin. She likes to keep her makeup minimal and basic and is very fond of Corals, Beige, Bronze and Mauve. Nail art is something she is very fond of too.


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