Homemade Pimple Clearing Face Mask Recipes

Pimple or acne has always been one of the worst nightmares not only for teenagers, but also for adults. Many of us think that only oily skin people get acnes, but that’s not entirely true. Combination skin as well as normal skin people can also suffer from severe breakouts. There are various reasons that can cause pimples, like hormonal imbalance, genetics, polluted environment, internal issues etc. But whatever the reason may be, we all know that acne is not only a beauty concern, but it also damages our self confidence at times. And we just want them to leave us. Out of desperation to get rid of our pimples and acne, most of us start spending heavily behind costly cosmetic products full of chemicals which don’t really seem to work or provide temporary solution. One great alternative is making your own face mask to fight pimples and acne with natural ingredients that are very easily available in our household. So, let’s check out few Homemade Pimple Clearing Face Mask that can do wonders to treat pimples and acne.

Homemade Pimple Clearing Face Masks Recipes
Homemade Pimple Clearing Face Mask

Egg white and Lemon juice face mask for Pimple Clearing

In a small mixing bowl, take one egg white. Whisk it until it turns frothy. Add ½ teaspoon lemon juice and ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder to the egg white and mix them well. Apply this mask all over your face except eye and mouth area. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Use warm water to loosen the mask and finally wash it off. This is a very effective face mask to fight pimple/acne. It also lightens the scars, tightens the skin and check the oil secretion which helps to control acne and pimple.

Neem and fuller’s earth face mask for Pimple Clearing

This face mask is great for acne prone skin since it absorbs excess oil and prevents breakouts. Take a handful of neem leaves and crush them. Now add 2 teaspoon of fuller’s earth to it and mix these two ingredients with coconut water. Apply on face, leave it for around 20 minutes and rinse it off. Neem leaves helps to clear acne, pimples, acne scars and many other skin infections. Fuller’s earth takes away excess oil from the skin’s surface and helps to keep the skin oil free. Coconut water works towards eliminating acne, pimple scars, blemish on the skin.

Cinnamon and honey face mask for Pimple Clearing

Put one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a small bowl. Add two teaspoons of honey and one wedge of fresh lemon juice. Warm the honey a little as it will be helpful in stirring. Now mix all these three ingredients until it forms a smooth paste. Now apply it all over the face avoiding the eye area. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse off. This is simply a superb face pack to fight acne and pimples. Cinnamon dries out the affected area and kills acne. It also helps to reduce redness and inflammation. Honey fights infection and lemon gently exfoliate the affected area and lightens the scars. Use it twice or thrice a week.

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Onion and oatmeal mask for Pimple Clearing

Take one medium size onion and peel it. Put 3 teaspoons of oatmeal in a glass bowl. Now boil some water and pour it over the oatmeal. Let the oatmeal soak in the water for 5 minutes. Puree the onion in a food processor and add that puree to the oatmeal while it is still warm. Make a paste and apply on the face. Wait till it becomes dry and rinse off. (This recipe makes around 7-8 applications, so store the rest in a air tight container for future use). This is a great face mask for all those who experience frequent breakouts. It combines the soothing qualities of oatmeal with the anti-inflammatory properties of onion to stop the breakouts.

Turmeric, raw milk and honey face mask for Pimple Clearing

Put one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a bowl. Add one teaspoon of honey and 1-2 teaspoon of raw milk to the turmeric powder and make a thin paste. Now take a makeup brush and apply it on your face and neck. Let it dry and wash it off. Use this two-three times per week. (If you see any yellowish tinge on your face post wash, soak a cotton ball in milk and rub it on the yellow stains). The face pack is very effective in treating acne and pimples. Turmeric fights against pimple and scars, heals inflamed acne and absorbs excess oil from the skin. Also raw milk is an excellent acne fighting agent.

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Avocado and Honey face mask for Pimple Clearing

Take ¼ ripe avocado and put it in a bowl. Now keep mashing it with the back of a fork until you get a lump free, smooth paste. Add a tablespoon of honey to the mashed avocado and make a fine mixture. Apply on the face, let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse it with cool water. Avocado and honey both offers antioxidant protection to skin and nourish it. They check excess sebum secretion and help keep acne at bay.

Green tea clay mask for Pimple Clearing

Take few leaves of green tea and put them into hot steaming water. Let them seep in for some time. Next take 2 tablespoons of clay/fuller’s earth in a separate bowl and add 2-3 tablespoons of green tea to it. Do not take out the leaves, mix them with the clay. Mix these ingredients well and then add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel to it. Make a nice paste and apply it on face. Wait until it becomes dry and wash it off. This mask can be used daily. Green tea contains loads of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Fuller’s earth is an excellent absorbent of oil and helps keep skin oil-free. Aloe vera has great wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties too.

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Now, when you have seen that these inexpensive and easily available ingredients can be so effective to treat pimples, there is no reason to try them out. So go for these ‘all natural’ treatments for your acne/pimples and I am sure, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. such great post for pimple problematic skin 🙂 Lovely mask recipes

  2. sadly these masks never work on me.

    • I guess its better to consult a doctor, because at times certain internal issues can cause pimples where these masks or other remedies don’t work..

  3. Nice post, thanks for sharing these masks.

  4. very useful post..breakouts are so common in summers 🙂

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