Homemade Body Scrub for Dry Skin

Hello girls! I know it’s been quite some time since I last shared any ‘Do it yourself’ recipe. So here I am back with an easy and quick DIY skincare recipe. Today my post is about Homemade Body Scrub for Dry Skin. Just like cleansing, exfoliation plays an important role in our skincare regimen. And if you have dry skin like me, then exfoliation becomes all more important. And body scrubs are actually great for exfoliation. They remove the dead skin cells and uncover the new skin beneath. Skin becomes soft, supple and nourished. Furthermore, body scrubs help in absorption of body lotions and creams and thus increase their effectiveness, which is very important for people with dry skin.

Homemade Body scrub for dry skin

Homemade body scrubs are extremely effective. They can be as expensive as you want and moreover you can easily customize them according to your needs. Plus, they are made of all natural ingredients, hence totally chemical free. Homemade body scrubs exfoliate the skin, slough away dead skin cells, nourish as well as moisturize skin. And you get smooth, polished and glowing skin all over your body. So girls, after a bit of Google search I have come up with my own Homemade Body Scrub for Dry Skin, which I am going to share with you all today.

In this body scrub, I have used honey, olive oil, coffee, sugar and vitamin E oil.  As you can see all the ingredients are completely natural and no chemical has been added. These ingredients work wonders on themselves for dry skin. So when you combine them, all you can get is moisturized, nourished and glowing skin. I have been using this body scrub for quite some time now and it has done a great job for my dry skin.

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Ingredients for Homemade Body Scrub 

Honey : 4 table spoon

Olive oil : 6 table spoon

Coffee : 2 table spoon

Sugar : 8 table spoon (I have used brown sugar here)

Vitamin E capsules : 2

Homemade Body scrub for dry skin ingredients

Take all the ingredients in a bowl. Slit the vitamin E capsules to take out the oil. Now start mixing all the ingredients together.

Homemade Body scrub for dry skin receipe

Homemade Body scrub for dry skin ready

Mix well and it’s absolutely ready to use. All you have to do is to take the required amount and massage your body it gently for 15-20 seconds, especially on the areas like elbows, knees etc. Rinse off with lukewarm water and follow up with your favorite moisturizer to retain the skin moisture. The quantity is enough to use for 6 times at least.

Homemade Body scrub for dry skin gifting option

Keep it in a dry, airtight container and it will stay good for 6 months.

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Benefits of the scrub Ingredients⇓

Honey : Honey is an excellent moisturizer that rejuvenates and hydrates dry skin and makes skin healthy. Honey has a natural ability to attract moisture from air.
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Olive oil : Olive oil easily penetrates the skin and heals dry skin from inside, making it soft and moisturized. Olive oil improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles.
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Coffee : Coffee works as an excellent skin exfoliator. It removes the dead skin cells and leaves you with softer, smoother skin. Coffee makes skin firm as well as brightens up dull skin.
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Sugar : Sugar is one of the best natural exfoliator for our skin. Sugar rejuvenates and softens the skin as well as maintains perfect oil balance so that skin doesn’t become too dry or too oily.
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Vitamin E oil : Vitamin E oil protects skin from free radical damages and prevents wrinkle formation. It also boosts collagen production and keeps skin elasticity intact.

So girls, hope you liked this DIY body scrub for dry skin. I would suggest you to try this out and enjoy your own body exfoliating treatment in the comfort of your home.

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