Homemade Almonds Face Scrub Recipes for Healthy Skin

Homemade Almonds Face Scrub Recipes for Healthy Skin – Face scrubs or exfoliators are very important part of our skin care routine. They help getting rid of the dead skin cells, dirt, impurities, sweat and excess oil that can otherwise block our pores and cause skin problems. In fact, if we don’t clean up these impurities timely then our skin can look patchy and dull as well. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your money to buy an expensive tub of scrubber with a fancy packaging. We can actually make our own exfoliators at home easily and almonds are one of the best natural ingredients that we can use for this purpose. Almond powder is a great natural scrub that can help resolve a number of skin problems. Find out below the best homemade almonds face scrub recipes.
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Before we go on talking about the face scrub recipes, let us first share with you all the best benefits of using homemade almonds face scrub.

Benefits of Almonds Face Scrub –

  • Almond powder helps to exfoliate the skin wonderfully. Being slightly abrasive in texture, almond powder exfoliates the skin surface effectively and removes the impurities from the skin pores. It is gentle in nature, hence can be used on all skin types.
  • Through exfoliation, almond helps to unblock the clogged pores and control breakouts.
  • Excess oil secretion by the sebaceous glands is a main reason behind getting breakouts, hence to get rid of acne, it is very important to control the oil secretion, and almonds are quite effective in doing so.
  • Almonds are a good source of essential fatty acids, which help in controlling the oil secretion by the sebaceous glands. This way it prevents oil build up on the skin surface and helps to avoid acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Furthermore, almond oil contains olein glyceride linoleic acid, which has been found effective in preventing acne and blackheads.
  • Almonds are known for their skin lightening properties. Using almonds face scrub can give us clear and even toned skin, thanks to the presence of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti oxidant which is also known for its de-pigmentation properties.
  • Almonds are loaded with anti aging benefits. They contain a high amount of vitamin E, which is a great anti oxidant for our skin. Vitamin E fights off the free radicals as well as the environmental factors (specially UV damage) to protect our skin from the affect of untimely aging.
  • Sun damage is one of the worst enemies for our skin. However the good news is that, almonds can reverse the effect of sun damage. The high amount of vitamin E present in almond help protecting the skin from UV damage.
  • Almonds are extremely beneficial for dry skin. Firstly, the vitamin E content of almonds help replenishing moisture to the skin and restores soft, supple and glowing skin. Also, the fatty acids found in almond help moisturizing the skin and heal the dryness.

How to Prepare Homemade Almonds Face Scrub

1. Oats and Almonds Face Scrub

How to prepare oats and almonds face scrub?

Put half cup oats in a grinder. Grind to make fine powder. Also separately prepare almond powder by grinding 2-3 almonds. In a bowl, put a tbsp each of oats powder, almond powder and add some raw milk. Mix all the ingredients together to make almonds face scrub.

Apply it on the face, gently massage for some time and then keep it on for another 10 minutes. Wash off with fresh water. Repeat 2-3 times weekly.

Benefits of this almonds face scrub –

Oats –

Oats work as a great natural exfoliator and when used in almonds face scrub, it works even better. It helps to deep cleanse our skin as it contains ‘saponin’, which is known for its cleansing abilities. Oats can remove dirt and impurities from the skin through exfoliation and improve skin texture. Being gentle in nature, oats suits all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Oats are beneficial in helping unclog the pores and reduce acne breakouts as well as blackheads. The anti inflammatory properties of oats soothe acne irritated skin. It also improve’s skin’s functionality. Plus, the anti microbial as well as anti oxidant properties of oats help combating acne.

Oats are known for its great absorbing properties. It helps to soak up the excess oil from the skin surface and prevent clogged pores, thus avoiding a number of skin problems.

Oat is highly beneficial for dry skin. Along with exfoliation, it helps to moisturize the skin wonderfully. The healthy fats present in oats provides moisturization to the skin, while the polysaccharides in oats create a protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss. This way, it helps keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.

In addition, the anti inflammatory benefits of oats also help protecting the skin against dryness caused by sun damage. Zinc is a very important mineral for our skin. Zinc deficiency can cause dry skin. Oatmeal, being a good source of zinc, helps to fulfill the deficiency and prevent skin dryness. Zinc plays a major role in reversing the skin damage caused by UV exposure.

Oat are a good source of vitamin E, which is an anti oxidant. It helps the skin to retain moisture and also protects it from free radicals as well as environmental damages. Along with vitamin E, oat contains B vitamins, such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, as well as folate. B vitamins help boosting cell regeneration process and repair damaged skin.

Another major benefit of using oats on skin is it’s wonderful skin lightening properties. Through exfoliation, it removes the dirt and impurities and helps to lighten pigmentation and makes the skin even toned and glowing.

Also, the amino acids present in oatmeal help with skin lightening. Vitamin B1 found in oats boosts blood circulation and help to improve our complexion. Also vitamin E in oats helps with skin de-pigmentation to lighten the complexion.

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Raw Milk –

Raw milk has excellent toning properties for our skin. It helps to enhance our skin’s natural elasticity. Raw milk is suitable for all skin types, but it particularly works great for those with dry skin. When used topically, raw milk reaches deeper in to the skin layers and nourish the skin cells to help repair damaged skin.

Minerals are very important for our skin. The texture of our skin depends on certain minerals, like calcium, potassium etc. and any deficiency of those can make our skin dry and flaky. Milk is a good source of both potassium and calcium. These minerals help with skin hydration and moisturization from inside, thus preventing dryness.

Along with calcium and potassium, milk comes with magnesium as well. It is another vital mineral for our skin. Dry skin is more prone to early aging, and magnesium helps to slow down the aging process of the skin.

Along with minerals, milk comes loaded with various skin friendly vitamins as well. The vitamins help in nourishing the skin from within and repairing the damages, making skin soft and glowing.

Vitamin A present in milk boosts sebum production in the skin to help repair dry, flaky skin. Together with vitamin B6, vitamin A promotes new and healthy cell formation, which further leads to healthy, soft and bright skin. Milk has vitamin B12 in it, which is also helps to get soft and smooth skin.

In addition, milk is a good source of vitamin D. Vitamin D has anti oxidant benefits. Also, it helps in promoting collagen production, which further helps to restore skin elasticity, reduce the aging signs and maintain soft, supple skin. Biotin or vitamin B7, another vital nutrient for our skin, is also present in milk. Biotin helps keeping skin soft and healthy.

Milk is a source of proteins as well, which boost our skin health by repairing the connective tissues of the skin, and also smoothen out the aging signs. Milk contains lactic acid, which belongs to the AHA family. Lactic acid exfoliates the skin, and it also nourishes and moisturizes the skin. This helps to keep the skin healthy, supple and smooth.

2. Sugar and Almonds Face Scrub

How to prepare sugar and almonds face scrub?

Prepare almond powder by grinding a handful of dry almonds. Take a tbsp almond powder and 1-2 tsp sugar in a bowl. Also add required amount of coconut oil. Mix together all the ingredients to prepare the almonds face scrub. Gently massage the mixture onto the face as well as neck in circular motion with your fingertips for couple of minutes.

Leave it on the skin for another 3-5 minutes and then wash off with fresh water. Repeat this almonds face scrub twice in a week.

Benefits of this almonds face scrub –

Sugar –

Sugar is a one of the best natural exfoliators for our skin. When used in almonds face scrub, it produces excellent result. Not only sugar provides topical exfoliation, but also benefits our skin with chemical exfoliation. The mild abrasive texture of sugar granules work excellent to exfoliate the top layer of the skin and remove the impurities, dirt, excess sebum as well as dead skin cells.

Sugar is a great natural source of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid belongs to the AHA family. It can penetrate the skin and dissolve the ‘glue’ like substance that binds the skin cells. This in turn, helps to get rid of dead skin cells, promotes faster cell turnover and makes way for fresher, younger looking skin.

Also, glycolic acid works wonderfully to heal sun damaged skin, and it is also highly beneficial to treat premature aging signs on the skin. Regular use of sugar scrub helps to smoothen out the wrinkles and lines and also repairs the skin damages done by UV rays.

Sugar is a natural humectant. It means sugar has the ability to absorb moisture from the air and lock it in the skin, thus ensuring skin stays moisturized and hydrated. This particular benefit of sugar not only benefits dry skin types, but also helps the one with oily skin type.

By keeping the skin properly moisturized, sugar prevents the over production of sebum by the sebaceous glands and thus, keeps oil at bay. Being a humectant, sugar scrubs hydrate the skin more than other scrubs, which might strip the skin of its natural oil.

Regular application of sugar scrubs can boost blood circulation in the skin. Better blood circulation ensures better flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells, which boosts the overall health of the skin. Also, it helps promoting collagen production and keeps the skin youthful, smooth, supple as well as nourished.

Coconut Oil –

Coconut oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer for our skin. It is a source of medium chain fatty acids as well as triglycerides. They help with retaining moisture in the skin. Furthermore, coconut oil, when used on the skin, forms a protective layer on the skin surface to prevent water loss from the skin and keeps skin moisturized, soft and supple.

Capric acid and caprylic acid are couple of medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil, that are extremely beneficial for skin nourishment as well as protection.

Coconut oil contains a good amount of vitamin E as well. This vitamin comes with anti oxidant properties. It protects the skin from dryness caused by free radicals and environmental elements, such as UV exposure. Also it can replenish the skin with the lost moisture as well as strengthen the connective tissues of the skin, thus preventing dry and saggy skin.

Dry skin is more prone to infections. Coconut oil, with it’s natural anti fungal as well as anti inflammatory benefits, helps treating skin infections and reducing skin inflammation. The protein content of coconut oil also help improving cellular health and repair the damaged skin tissues.

Regular application of coconut oil helps enhancing collagen production in the skin and keeps the skin firm and smooth. Plus, this oil has natural exfoliating properties as well. It eliminates dead skin cells from the skin surface and makes skin soft and supple.

Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin and this is one of the best advantages of using coconut oil. The fatty acids present in coconut oil are structurally similar to the fatty acids found on the outer skin layer. This helps coconut oil to reach the deepest layers of the skin, providing a boost of moisturization and nourishment to improve overall skin health.

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3. Rice Flour and Almonds Face Scrub

How to prepare rice flour and almonds face scrub?

Prepare almond powder by grinding few dry almonds. In a bowl, take equal amount of almond powder and rice flour and pour in some raw honey. Mix together all the ingredients and prepare your homemade almonds face scrub. Massage it gently onto the face and neck and exfoliate the skin for 3-5 minutes. Wait for another 5 minutes, before washing off with plain water. Repeat this face scrub twice in a week.

Benefits of this almonds face scrub –

Rice Flour –

Rice flour or rice powder has amazing exfoliation benefits for our skin. When mixed with other ingredients like water, coconut milk, plain milk etc, it helps to eliminate the dirt, dead skin cells and impurities from the skin surface and purify the skin to help unveil brighter, softer and smoother skin.

Rice flour contains ‘allantoin’ as well which is a popular name in skin care industry. It has great soothing properties for our skin. Allantoin is non-toxic, non-allergenic, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-irritant. It protects our skin from sun damage and other irritants.

Allantoin has several other benefits for our skin. It helps to boost cell proliferation and new tissue growth that further helps heal wounds. Rice flour feels very soothing on our skin, and the presence of allantoin has to be credited to for this. It calms down irritated, sensitive skin with its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as reduces redness.

In addition, allantoin offers natural exfoliation for our skin. Allantoin removes the layers of dead skin cells and keratin and improves the hydration level of the skin to help treating dry, dehydrated skin.

Rice flour is known for its absorbing benefits. It soaks up excess oil from the skin and prevent clogged pores, thus reducing chances of acne, pimples, blackheads etc. Rich in B vitamins, rice flour also boosts new cell production, thus making skin healthier. It also helps with enhancing collagen production in the skin, thus keeping premature aging at bay.

Sensitive skin should always protect itself from sun. Rice flour contains PABA or para aminobenzoic acid that acts as a natural sunscreen, and this makes rice flour a great natural ingredient for sensitive skin.

Raw Honey –

Honey has multiple benefits for our skin and providing natural exfoliation is definitely one among them. It is a source of gluconic acid (an AHA) and several natural enzymes that help with skin exfoliation and remove the impurities from the skin surface. This helps to make skin brighter, healthier, even toned and boosts our complexion as well.

Honey is known as a natural bleach for our skin. It has the ability to lighten our skin tone. Honey works in multiple ways to boost our skin tone. Firstly, it exfoliates the skin and helps to brighten skin color. Secondly, it releases hydrogen peroxide, which has the ability to lighten pigmentation, thus enhancing our complexion.

Moreover, honey is the powerhouse of several vitamins and minerals. It contains thiamine (vitamin B1), niacin (vitamin B3), riboflavin (vitamin B2) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6). Also, minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc, etc can be found in honey. These vitamins and minerals nourish the skin cells, repair the damage and enhance our overall skin health.

In addition, honey contains multiple anti oxidants as well. They help reducing oxidative stress from the skin cells and prevent skin discoloration. Sun damage is a major factor that makes our skin look dark, and honey helps to treat sun damaged skin beautifully.

Honey is an excellent remedy to get rid of acne, pimples, blackheads etc. It also offers great moisturizing benefits for our skin. Not just providing moisturization, but honey also helps to prevent moisture loss, thus making skin soft, supple, healthy and bright.

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4. Yogurt and Almonds Face Scrub

How to prepare yogurt and almonds face scrub?

Grind a handful of dry almonds into a powder. Take 1 tbsp fresh yogurt in a bowl and add some almond powder there. Mix together and apply it on the face and neck, gently massaging with fingertips for few minutes. Wait for 10 minutes before washing off with fresh water. Use this face scrub twice in a week.

Benefits of almonds face scrub –

Yogurt –

Yogurt has excellent moisturization as well as exfoliation benefits for our skin. It is a great source of lactic acid. Lactic acid belongs to the AHA family. It exfoliates the skin and removes the dry and dead skin cells from the skin surface. Along with exfoliation, lactic acid adds a boost of nourishment and moisturization that help to enhance our overall skin health.

Yogurt is rich in B vitamins. Vitamin B2 in yogurt is enriched with anti oxidant benefits. It protects our skin cells against oxidative stress, and helps to avoid various skin problems, including skin dryness, acne, premature aging of skin etc. Also this vitamin can boost healthy cell growth and supports manufacturing healthy cellular fats to help repairing skin damages. Vitamin B5 as well as B12 in yogurt also help to moisturize dry skin.

Sun exposure affects our skin badly. It causes a lot of skin damages, such as sun tan, sun burn, photo aging etc. Yogurt contains zinc, a vital mineral that helps to fight off sun damage with its anti inflammatory benefits.

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Vitamin D is another important vitamin for our skin. But our body cannot produce it. Yogurt comes with vitamin D that help fulfilling the requirement and prevents dry skin. Vitamin D is an anti oxidant that contribute to healthy skin.

Calcium is a vital mineral for our skin. The outermost layer of skin contains a high amount of calcium. And any deficiency of this mineral can cause dry and rough skin. Yogurt is a rich source of calcium, that helps preventing dryness. Calcium also boosts cell renewal process, thus repairing damaged skin and making skin healthy and soft naturally.

These were four super simple yet very effective almonds face scrub recipe that you can definitely try at home. Hope you liked this article and stay tuned for more.

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