Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Fuller brows are so in trend right now. Old times of those very thin and perfectly shaped eyebrows are gone. But not everyone among us is blessed with thick brows. Eyebrows which are rightly done complete our whole look and also accentuates our face features. Another main reason why we love thick eyebrows is when you have thick and dark eyebrows, you get freedom to shape them in any manner that would go perfect with the shape of your face. Deepika Padukone, Audrey Hepburn, Lily Collins and so many other famous celebrities along with we bloggers love sporting thick and dense brows which helps looking young and gorgeous.

Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

So, if you have thin brows and you wish to have bold, thick brows then apart from using makeup products there are other natural and hassle free ways to grow bold and thick brows. Natural methods are safe and without any side effects so these are the best ones. Let’s check out some Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows.

Castor Oil as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows, castor oil

We all have heard about so many medicinal properties of castor oil. It is very old and so popular remedy to get dense brows. It nourishes hair follicle and promotes growth of hairs. Every night apply castor oil using finger tip or using an eyebrow comb to seep in the oil nicely. And leave it overnight. And wash it in morning. Repeat the procedure for 1-2 months. You will see the change within 2-3 weeks itself.

Olive Oil as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows, olive oil

A little olive oil can do wonders for your brows. Olive oil also helps in hair growth and helps in making it dense. Being Rich in Vitamin E it helps in faster growth of hairs. Just massage eyebrows with warm olive oil and leave it overnight and wash it in morning with cleanser. Follow this remedy daily in order to get the desired results. While using any oil or jelly just massage your brows well. Pamper them or 5-10 minutes which will improve blood circulation and will liberate you from stress.

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Vaseline as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows, vaseline

Yes, Vaseline petroleum jelly too! Again another cheap product which will help you hit the target. Just apply some Vaseline when you hit bed and see results in 3-4 months. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly moisturizes brows and help in growing thicker and longer.

Onion Juice as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows, onion juice

It doesn’t smells really nice but it is really good for your brows. Fresh onion juice contains sulfur which promotes hair growth, also increases blood circulation. Grind some onion get some fresh juice and apply on your brows, when it dries wash it.

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Milk as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows, milk

Raw milk is very good for skin and for growth of brows too. Drink a good glass of milk everyday and if not possible than soak a cotton in raw milk and then apply on brows. Milk contains proteins that nourishes hair follicle and speeds up the growth process. Let them dry and rinse it off with warm water.

Water as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Home Remedies to get Thick Eyebrows, water

Yes, Plenty and plenty of water in your daily routine. Will flush out the toxins, keep you hydrated and improve the blood flow which helps in better hair growth. So, Nothing much to do just grab a bottle and pour down enough water each day.

Say No To Creams as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Nope, I am not talking about any creams that would help in getting thicker and filled brows. Rather, I am asking you to keep creams away from your brows. While moisturizing our face we unconsciously apply creams all over our face including eyebrows, which is really bad as creams contain such chemicals which prevents the growth of hairs and destroy hair follicles. So, just don’t apply any creams on your brows or just clean them up with a damp cloth after moisturizing face.

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Eat Better and Proper Food as Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows

Home Remedies to Get Thick Eye Brows, proper food

Everyone recommends eating healthy for better skin, hairs, lips, nails, for better you! Healthy food is highly recommended because it is very necessary in our hectic lives. Treat your body with nutritious food, and your body will react in same manner, give you glowing and healthy skin with nourished hairs! So, Stay part from oily, greasy, fat rich food and have a diet rich in Vitamin B & D as it promotes hair growth. Eat fish, pulses, broccoli, nuts, milk, curd, spinach, eggs and bananas and see the magic!

So, Apart from buying eyebrow grooming products which helps you achieve thick brows, go natural! Follow these tips and you will definitely see the magic!

And as usual till then stay Beautifulhamesha!

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  1. Vaseline worked great for my eyelashes!! Will work just as well with brows!? Good post Swati!?

  2. i use castor oil and olive oil mix 🙂

  3. Castor oil works amazingly. It works for eye lashes as well.

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