Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review facial wax strips from the house of Hip hop and is Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips Review. For most women removal of unnecessary hair is a painless process. Even I keep making weird excuses for not hitting the parlour to get my upper lip done because I feel immense pain during threading. It is not possible to avoid this procedure every month but to prevent looking like a bear one has to get it done. Also women with coarse hair are more prone to pain compared to the ones who are lucky enough to have thin hair in the upper lip area. For years I avoided threading my upper lips via bleaching but then its harmful for the skin until a friend suggested me to try facial wax.
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Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips Review

Hiphop facial wax strips is formulated using good ingredients like bees wax and castor oil. There are 6 double sided strips which make for a total of 12 wax strips. The strips are made tough enough not to tear while using. Also the layer of wax is uniform which removes hair much more conveniently. The after use wipe provided is perfect to remove the traces of wax left on skin after using the strips. Overall they provide everything in one pack.

Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

Price of Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips : Rs.80/-

Ingredients : Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips ingredients

Directions for use :  

how to use Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : White strips

Smell : Pleasant

Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

What Hip Hop Skincare Facial Wax Strips claim

Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips claims

My experience with Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

Hiphop facial wax strips are very safe and easy to use facial waxing procedure unlike normal wax which needs to be heated for best results. Also the pre coated wax strips makes the whole procedure non messy and quick. All one needs is some talcum powder, a waste bin, scissor and a wax strip. There are detailed instructions and warnings given at the back of the pack which makes this an appropriate purchase even for beginners. One to two strips are enough for the upper lip area which means one pack would give 6 waxing sessions which makes this cheaper than threading.

At first the skin on the upper lip area is to be cleaned with a cleanser and then pat dry. A bit of talcum powder is to be applied to the skin to make the procedure more convenient however this is optional. A double strip is to be taken and rubbed in between palms to heat up the wax and then cut into small pieces. It is to be separated via pulling apart one of the corners of the strip. One piece is to be stuck on the skin which needs to be waxed. It should be pressed downwards on the skin in the direction of hair growth, and then pulled against the direction of hair growth that is upwards. The last step is removal of the left over wax on the skin which the after use wipe provided removes with ease.

The result from waxing facial hair is clean and hair free skin. Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips removes tan and dead cells which apparently threading cannot do. Also the pain it very less compared to threading so it is a good option for whoever keeps making excuses for not going under the thread. Hair comes back after three weeks and also the new one coming up is finer comparatively. The only downside to this is that it may not suit girls who have thin and delicate skin so better get a patch test done before the actual procedure. It is better to wax an area only once and if few hair are still left then instead of doing it then itself its better to redo it after a few days to prevent waxing injuries.

Overall Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips is an excellent option to get hair free beautiful skin for every girl who find threading painful but it’s a total skip for girls with delicate skin.

Good about Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

  • Makes facial skin hair free
  • Easy to use
  • Removes tan and dead cells
  • Thinner hair after a few uses
  • Hair comes back after three weeks
  • Less painful
  • Affordable

Bad about Hip Hop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips

  • Not for thin and delicate skin
  • Only one wipe is provided

Availability : online as well as offline

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  3. i have used it ..! its good!

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  5. Nice review dear, but i am scared of using the facial strips on my face 🙁

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