Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp

We all are fed up of dandruff. It goes and it comes back and so on. We never get rid of these dandruff totally. Dandruff is one of the major causes of itchy scalp, which eventually leads to hair fall. Excessive itchiness of scalp can end up in hurting the scalp too. And guess this can even cause skin problems. I met doctor few days back and he was telling me how this dandruff is cruel in nature. There are few home remedies for scalp itchiness and I have heard people telling that Hibiscus flower is one of them! But Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp actually? Well, it does! I have used one natural hibiscus shampoo for dandruff purpose and it worked out. Then I researched a lot about this beautiful flower and even I asked few dermatologist and they were pretty confident about hibiscus flower’s effectiveness in reducing itchiness of scalp. So Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp.. lets get into the details!

Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp

Hibiscus and its leaves are very important for our beauty products especially when we talk about hair and scalp problem this is the one which comes in mind first. Itchy scalp is the result of heavy dandruff and this flower amazingly works to remove dandruff and treats your itchy scalp. Not only this , hibiscus flower also helps to control hair fall, actually it strengthens the hair root and avoid any further hair damage.

Hibiscus to get rid of scalp itchiness

Regular use of hibiscus flower as a hair pack or oil will reduce the dandruff and reduces the itchiness caused due to it. It works as a powerful hair tonic. I would recommend you to try out some homemade tonics.

Hibiscus Flower Hair Tonic to Reduce Itchiness in Scalp

Simply soak the hibiscus flower for overnight in a water and next morning rinse your hair with this water. You can also mash the flowers and use it as a hair mask for better results.

Now let me tell you how Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp! It actually maintains the pH level of your scalp and retain the original water balance. It keeps the scalp hydrated and oil free. This in turns reduces itchiness. Even if you don’t have itchy scalp you can use this for quick hair growth. Hibiscus oil helps to nourish your hair from root and provides you thick and long beautiful shining hair.

Hibiscus for scalp


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You can use this quick recipe at your home to get rid of your hair problems.

Hibiscus Flower Hair Mask

Make a paste of hibiscus flower and yogurt. With your brush, apply it on your scalp. Rinse it after 15 minutes with water and then follow hot towel therapy. I assure you healthy and shiny hairs.

Hibiscus for hair

So Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp? Hopefully this post has cleared your doubts already 🙂 Do you use hibiscus in your hair care routine? Share your secret hibiscus recipe with us in the comment section below 🙂

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  1. i have always heard hibiscus is good for hair growth…never knew about the itchy scalp thing…

  2. I love hibiscus flower for its rich benefits.

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