Here’s How to Protect Your Eyes During the Lockdown

Here’s How to Protect Your Eyes During the Lockdown – The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly brought many shifts in our lives. From sanitizing ourselves repeatedly to practicing social distancing and staying in lockdown, we had never anticipated any of it. We now find ourselves busy either with working from home, doing household chores or binge-watching some TV series. Amidst all such things, while we are taking care of our immunity and making sure that we do not catch the virus, we may be forgetting our precious eyes. Here is a dedicated article on how to protect your eyes during the lockdown.
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During the lockdown, you need to take care of your eyes from two perspectives. First, you need to take precautions to prevent the virus from entering your body through the eyes, and second that your eyes stay in good health despite excessive screen exposure these days. Also, once the lockdown is lifted, you must buy sunglasses if you do not have already, for minimizing the risk of transmission through your eyes. You can buy a pair from top sunglasses brands in India, such as Titan Eyeplus, which will be following all safety norms post lockdown.

Here are some steps you must follow to protect your eyes during the lockdown and beyond:

1. Do Not Touch Your Eyes Frequently

Just as you are being advised for not touching your mouth or nose without sanitizing your hands, you must also take care that you do not touch your eyes frequently. It is because if by any chance, your hands are virus-ridden and you touch your eyes, the same may enter your body through the eyes. Therefore, touch your eyes only after thoroughly washing or sanitizing your hands. Also, get rid of the habit of rubbing your eyes unnecessarily. This is a great way to protect your eyes during the lockdown.

2. Use a Clean Wipe

Many spectacled people have a habit of cleaning their eyeglasses with just about any cloth they can find. However, now you must use a clean wipe, specially kept for this purpose. It will ensure that you keep your eyeglasses away from any virus-ridden cloth, and prevent the same from entering through your eyes.

3. Wear Spectacles When Important

Summers are here, and you may be missing out on shopping from top sunglasses brands in India this time around. However, right now, you’re staying indoors and spending much time in front of a screen, sometimes working, and at other times Netflixing and chilling.

If you have vision defects, then make sure that you always wear spectacles while in front of a screen to prevent your eyes from the strain.

It would be even better if you have glasses made with blue light technology as they minimize the effect of harmful rays emitted by such devices.

In case you don’t have such glasses, then you must buy them from one of the top sunglasses brands in India like Titan Eyeplus, which provides eye-wear having UV protective, polarized and blue tech glasses.

4. Exercise Your Eyes

Amidst the many things that you’re now doing at home while in lockdown, make sure that you also take out time to exercise your eyes. With so much exposure to screens, doing eye exercises will relieve your optic nerves and muscles.

It will keep headaches and other eye problems at bay. Besides exercising, you may also use eye drops if recommended by your doctor, to help retain the moisture in your eyes.

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5. Plan for Post Lockdown

Lockdown can’t go on forever, even if the risk will continue to remain until a vaccine is discovered. The only way is to practice caution while going about with daily life to keep your loved ones and yourself safe.

Towards this, you must wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth covered while covering your eyes with spectacles or sunglasses. Wearing glasses will ensure that you don’t touch your eyes and prevent the risk of contracting the virus. You can buy eye-wear from top sunglasses brands in India to brace yourself for post lockdown routine.

Take Care of your Precious Eyes

The time you’re spending in the lockdown phase is a crucial period. It is not only helping you, and your loved ones stay safe, but also allowing you to work on things you missed otherwise. So, utilize it to take great care of your health too, including your eyes, so that you can continue to remain in high spirits. Also, prepare for post lockdown days by buying eye wear from top sunglasses brands in India to stay safe even in the future.

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