Healthy Hair Care Tips for Summer

Nothing looks more beautiful than long, lustrous hair. Hair plays a very important role in a girl’s beauty and personality. Curly or straight, long or short, we all love our hair. And we all want our hair to look beautiful and gorgeous. Beautiful hair is the sign of healthy hair. If hair is not healthy from within, then no matter how many styling products we use, our hair will not look good as it should be. To keep our hair care healthy, we need to take special care of our hair throughout the year, especially in summer. So, let’s check out my post on healthy hair care tips for summer.
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Healthy Hair care Tips for Summer

Summer is not a friend of our hair. Blazing sun, excessive heat, too much sweating, all these effect our hair and scalp very badly. Moreover, sun’s UV rays damages our hair severely. As a result, dry hair gets frizzy and normal hair tends to get sticky and greasy. Also sweat, if accumulated on the scalp, can cause fungal infections and itchy scalp. All these results in severe hair fall. So, it becomes very important to take special care of our hair to keep our tresses healthy. Here in this post, we have shared few very easy tips to keep our hair healthy and gorgeous, even in the hot summer days.

Stay Hydrated for healthy hair care in summer 

First thing first! Drink plenty of water. Almost 50 to 70% of our body mass is water. Scorching sun of summer strips our body off the essential water, making our skin dry and hair brittle. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily to retain our body’s required amount of water.

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Regular wash & Conditioning for healthy hair care in summer 

Our hair requires special care during hot, sultry summer days. Regular washing is the most basic of them. Pollution, dust, sweat all accumulate on the scalp, which can cause fungal infections. Regular washing is necessary to keep your scalp clean and hair healthy. It is best to wash your hair daily with a mild shampoo.

Don’t forget to deep condition your tresses every time you shampoo your hair. Water tends to strip our hair from off the necessary nutrients and our hair looks dry and lifeless. Deep conditioning makes our hair soft and smooth. For that extra bit of shine, dilute some apple cider vinegar in water and rinse off your hair with it post shampooing. After conditioning, give your hair a cool splash to seal the cuticle, so that atmospheric dampness can’t enter your hair shaft and make them frizzy.

Another good option is to use a homemade deep conditioning mask. Mash a ripe banana and mix it well with 2 tbsp each of olive oil and honey. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off.

Go for leave on conditioners as they are the best choice to combat dryness and frizz of your hair during summer.

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Trimming for healthy hair care in summer 

Regular trimming (once in every six or eight weeks) is important to keep your hair healthy in summer. Trimming gets rid of our split ends and keep hair damage at bay. But don’t cut your hair too short, as short hair tends to get frizzier than long hair.

Choose a hair sunscreen for healthy hair care in summer 

UV rays are very harmful for skin, as well as our hair. Too much of sun exposure take the life out of our hair, making it dull, brittle and frizzy. It is very important to protect our hair from sun during summer. So invest in a good hair sunscreen. If you are going out for a longer period of time, cover your hair up with hat or scarf. They will make you look stylish and at the same time protect your hair from heat, dust and pollution. Choose cotton scarves or hats with tiny holes to get rid of sweaty scalp.

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Protect your hair while swimming for healthy hair care in summer 

To beat the heat, we often love to take plunge in the swimming pool. But that can be damaging for our hair. So it is important to protect our hair from the negative effect of chlorinated water of swimming pool. Soak the hair in water before you go for swimming, in this way harsh chemicals of swimming pool’s water can be prevented from getting absorbed in the hair. Never shampoo your hair before you dive into the pool, because that takes the essential oil off our hair and it becomes easier for the chlorinated water to damage our hair. Always wash off your hair after swimming to prevent the impurities from settling on the scalp.

Oil massaging for healthy hair care in summer 

Oil massaging is very useful to keep your hair healthy during summer. Oil massaging improves blood circulation of the scalp & strengthens our hair root. Take a hot oil massage before shampooing your hair for smooth, gorgeous tresses.

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Ditch the dryer for healthy hair care in summer 

Dryer is our best friend and our savior in those busy mornings. But please try and stay away from dryer during summer, as this additional heat makes our hair even more dull and brittle. Air-dry your hair as much as possible.

Stay natural for healthy hair care in summer 

Don’t experiment with your hair too much during summer. Keep it natural. Using too many hair styling products or tools can only spoil your hair quality and it will get very difficult to get back your lustrous, gorgeous locks.

So friends, I hope you enjoyed reading my post today 🙂 Take care!

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