Health Expert Anjali Mukerjees Easy-to-Follow Tips for Weight Loss

Are you used to grabbing take away food if you have skipped breakfast or feel tired and lazy to cook dinner? Well, most people have a lifestyle that does not allow them any spare time and energy to prepare food at home. Such people end up ordering food from the nearest food joints. It seems to be an easy and quick alternative. But have you given a thought that how many calories you gain if you eat out at restaurants regularly. Besides affecting your health, such habits also waste a lot of money, you would have otherwise saved. Changing your everyday food habits is an essential part of weight loss. Health Expert Anjali Mukerjee mentions a few more similar daily food habits that you need to toss away if you want a perfectly toned and healthy body.

easy-to-follow tips for weight loss

Health Expert Anjali Mukerjee

Eat out, but eat healthy

If eating outside is still uncontrollable, then Anjali Mukerjee Health Total suggests eating ‘healthy’ outside food. The next time you order something from your favorite food joint; ask them to add sugar-free and less oil. You can order for baked or roasted chicken, instead of fried meat. But, it is advisable to cut down the number of times you eat outside even if you eat healthy. Home cooked food is necessary for that healthy body you always dreamt of.

Reduce your cravings for salty food

Salty potato chips taste delectable, but add on to your body weight. Stop stuffing your kitchen cabinets with chips, fried snacks, and easy-to-cook packaged food. Also, Indian diet plan for weight loss suggests consuming less salt in your home cooked food. Excessive salt intake increases the urea content in your body, which results in many health ailments. Less salt, sugar, and oil in your meals will lead you to a better and healthy lifestyle.

Increase the intake of veggies

The best part of including vegetables in your everyday diet is that they can be a tasty part of your favorite cuisine easily. Top up your pizza by vegetable toppings, or prepare a vegetable stuffing for your early morning sandwich. Vegetables fill your stomach faster, thus keeping you away from craving for high-calorie diets, or mid-meal snacks. Also, vegetables are easy to digest and are light on your tummy, as compared to meat. The Indian diet plan for weight loss includes a wide range of nutritional vegetables that you can include in your daily home-cooked food.

Avoid ordering large portions

Staying away from your favorite fried food is a difficult task, right? Well, Anjali Mukerjee Health Total has a solution for this. If you have a craving for your favorite French fries or chicken wings, then order a small size meal. After all, these foods are best to satisfy your taste buds. Hence, a small meal should suffice. However, it is important to understand that small quantities should not be an excuse for eating outside. It is advisable to not eat outside food every day just because you are ordering a small quantity of your favorite meal.


Anjali Mukerjee is India’s leading nutritionist, health expert, and researcher. Founder and Director of Health Total, Mukerjee recommends the above diet plan for weight loss, giving a detailed guide for a healthy body.Health Total has various weight loss centers all over India. Working out and following a wholesome diet plan will enhance the emotional and mental fitness. Eat healthily and stay fit to flaunt the perfect body.

Thanks Dr. Anjali for this informative post for my readers 🙂 These tips are really easy to follow as well. 🙂

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