Have You Packed These Essentials in Travel Bag

Hello Ladies! Today my post is about travel essentials. If you are going for a tour soon, then I am sure, once done with reading, you are going to open your bag to see Have You Packed These Essentials in Travel Bag. Well, travelling is all about enjoying and re-living your souls. But sometimes travelling becomes a real mess too. Mostly it is when you haven’t packed your travel essentials well. When you are travelling you need to carry a number of things so that our travelling days are easy and peaceful. In order to carry these travel essentials we do a lot of advance planning like making reminders, writing on some piece of paper and hanging it here and there, start packaging 10 days in advance but even then we tend to forget some or the other things. So, this post is all about that..it is like a reminder for you to check Have You Packed These Essentials in Travel Bag! Here we have listed down some of the essential products without which your travel bag will be incomplete. So, grab a chocolate bar and start reading to find out Have You Packed These Essentials in Travel Bag?

Have You Packed These Essentials in Travel Bag

Tissue papers as Essentials in Travel Bag

The first and the foremost travel essential which you should carry in your travel bag is tissue papers. This will prevent you from all the dirt and contamination which you are bound to face on your outdoor days. Also, carry both the versions of tissue papers – wet tissues and the dry ones too.

Hand Sanitizer as Essentials in Travel Bag

This is another indispensable product while travelling. You will need to wash your hands often and every time you will not get water everywhere. Also, we need to conserve water. So, it’s better to go for the hand sanitizers. This is a travel essential that you just can’t forget about.

First Aid Box as Essentials in Travel Bag

First aid box is another travel essential which you must carry while you are travelling. God forbid but in case of any mishap or accidents this will be the first thing you will require.

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Safety Pins as Essentials in Travel Bag

Another versatile product and an important travel essential. Safety pins will be required in multiple occasions while you are travelling. You will need them in your clothes, shoes, socks and even in your luggage bags too.


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Face Wash as Essentials in Travel Bag

Carry a cleansing face wash every time you travel. You won’t be in a mood of too much makeup while you are travelling but you must have a cleansed skin. And so don’t forget to pack your favorite face wash.

Lip Balm as Essentials in Travel Bag

A very important travel essential for all the girls. You don’t need to carry tons of lipsticks but a lip balm is a must. Try to carry a tinted lip balm which will serve the dual task – moisturising and colouring your lips.

Dry Shampoo as Essentials in Travel Bag

Another must have product while travelling. You won’t get time to shampoo your hair or maybe you are going to a really chilly place and you won’t be able to shampoo there. So, pack your favourite dry shampoo too.

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Razor as Essentials in Travel Bag

Another quick fix when you are travelling. Your hairs may be are not waxed and you are dying to wear shorts and hit the beach. So, carry razor. It will serve as one of those emergency products.

Hair Band as Essentials in Travel Bag

This is another must carry travel essential for your healthy hairs. We all love our hairs when they are open. But you cannot leave them open for a long time. That will attract dirt and the hair will become oily and hair fall will also increase. And in case of travelling open hairs is a strict no-no. So, don’t forget to carry your head band always.

Moisturizer as Essentials in Travel Bag

As I said earlier you will be in a mood to enjoy and explore more as compared to makeup. So, you can easily forget to carry your foundation and BB creams. But you at least some form of base or protection on your face. so, carry your everyday moisturizer with yourself.

That were some of my personal favorite travel care essentials. So Have You Packed These Essentials in Travel Bag?Let me know if you like the article and you want to add anything more in the list in the comments down below.

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