Have you heard about Applying Your Foundation With a Sock

Have you heard about Applying Your Foundation With a Sock – Hello friends, hope you all are doing fine these days. About today’s topic, I would be writing about the topic – how to use sock to apply foundation. While most of us desire makeup artist to use one of the finest makeup brush so that it would help to achieve flawless looking complexion, here we introduce you using socks for applying foundation. Have you heard about Applying Your Foundation With a Sock? I know you would be thinking with so many foundation brushes available in the market, why am I trying out applying foundation with the help of socks? Well, the answer to this is socks work more effectively and brilliantly better than any other applicators. Once you start using socks to apply foundation. I bet you would never give a chance to any of the brushes again. So lets jump to the post Have you heard about Applying Your Foundation With a Sock.

Have you heard about Applying Your Foundation With a Sock

Have you heard about Applying Your Foundation With a Sock

Ever tried to Apply Foundation With Socks

Did any of you ever tried to apply foundation with a socks? Well, I never tried it before until I read the blog about it. Socks are one of the best things that can help you to achieve flawless looking face and radiant skin. No matter what kind your foundation is, you should make use of socks to make the application smooth and easy. So here I would tell you about applying foundation with socks.

Method to Apply Foundation With Socks

Take small amount of liquid foundation in your hand and apply it on your skin. Now make a proper edge with the help of a sock and then spread the foundation equally around the face. Using socks for applying foundation is quite easy because it spreads easily and also do not sock up. You should also remember to cushion the toe and heel area so that it helps to apply the foundation easily. These cushions you have stuffed on the heel and the toe area will work as a sponge that helps to gives you flawless complexion. Despite of the fear that cotton might sock up too much of foundation, this turned completely opposite. The socks did not sock up the foundation and worked equally well as a sponge over skin.

Applying foundation with sock

Applying foundation with sock 1

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Tips to Remember

Another most important thing you should keep in mind is that you should regularly wash your foundation sock so that bacteria do not grow in there.  Generally, you should use socks once and wash it after every application. And also, it is very necessary to keep separate socks for applying foundation.

So guys, would you love you apply foundation with socks? If you have already tried using this technique, we would love you to comment and let us know about it.

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