Happy Eid Everyone

Happy Eid Everyone – India is a country of festivals and celebrations. These festivals brings joy and happiness in our lives. One of the greatest things about these festivals is that they bring people together. In India, every festival is celebrated with great passion and joy, be it Dashera, Diwali or Eid. And Eid is here. So Happy Eid Everyone! Eid is the most religious and holy festival of Muslim religion. It marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and the month long fasting. Not only in India, Eid is celebrated all over the world. This festival signifies harmony and brotherhood. Eid is not only about being happy, it is about making others happy too. On this auspicious day, people help needy ones with food or clothes. What makes this beautiful festival even more special is that, in India Eid celebration is no more limited to Muslim community only, but the joy and enthusiasm is equally shared by people from other religious faiths too.

Happy Eid

Happy Eid Everyone

Eid is the time to meet the dearest ones and exchanging greetings and gifts. People wear new clothes, visit their relatives and friends and join them for special meals. Like every other festival, one of the best part of Eid celebration is wearing new clothes. And young girls specially love to dress stylishly. It certainly adds to the joy of the festival. And that’s why girls start getting busy with their skincare, outfits, accessories, hairstyles etc before Eid comes. And how can one forget about Eid mehendi? Since past few days, we, in BeautifulHamesha, have come up with various posts to help you get ready for Eid. If you still haven’t checked them, don’t worry. Here you will get the quick links to those posts. Take a look below!

Makeup looks more beautiful on glowing skin. To get glowing skin for Eid, check 5 Instant Glowing Face Packs for Eid

Just like we said earlier, Eid celebration is never complete without mehendi. Click 5 Mehendi Designs for Eid and choose your favorite design.

New outfits and accessories are very important part of Eid. To know, how to pair them perfectly, click here and here.

What about Eid hairstyle? Makeup is never complete without a gorgeous hair do. Check out the latest Eid hairstyles here

Gone are days of monochromic nail paints. Nail arts are the trend of these days and more so during any festival. Check 5 Nail Art Ideas for Eid 2016 to get some inspiration.

I hope these articles will definitely help you with your last minute preparation for Eid. Hope you all have a blessed Eid and yes, Happy Eid Everyone once again!

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