Hairstyles for Winter

Hello beautiful ladies!! This is so long I have not tried anything new to my hair. So I thought to find out some trendy Hairstyles for Winter, not only for a particular occasion and age group but for all and everyone. So today I am going to talk about Best and trending Hairstyles for Winter. Winter brings many things to us the best part is the New Year and Christmas celebration and of course finally I get rid of oil secretion for a month, but with all these happiness winter bring a load of dandruff.

Hairstyles for winter

The chilly air makes my hair dry and itchy, so I have chosen few hairstyles which will help you to hide all your dandruff if any. At the same time they will give you some different and classy look. So let us have a look over Hairstyles for Winter.

Hairstyles for Winter – Half Up Style

Hairstyles for winter, half up style

This hair style lookss cozy; it seems to be perfect for morning. You can do this for your regular office routine, or you can simply make it to feel the coziness of the winter. It is quite simple to make, all you have to do is back comb you hair and lift the hair slightly and pin it at the back with bobby pins.

Hairstyles for Winter – Top bun

Hairstyles for winter, top bun

This messy bun looks flawless with snow, even if you dont live at a place where there is snow fall, you can do this style and a have feel of snowy bun 🙂 this hairstyle looks so classy and decent, that every women can try this out irrespective of the age group and occasion.


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Hairstyles for Winter – Wedding bun

Hairstyles for winter, wedding bun

This bun looks perfect for the wedding occasion or any other ceremony. This style will go with your loose sweaters, sari , anarkali. You name it and I will assure the perfect look with this hair style. Follow these simple steps shown in the picture.


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Hairstyles for Winter – Braided style

Hairstyles for winter, braided stryle

This is my favorite and every morning I end up with this hair style, I cant help it. I mean it is so easy and gorgeous. It changes the entire look in few seconds. Just follow the steps shown in picture.

Tell me if you have any other Hairstyles for Winter in your mind. And do not forget to leave your feedback about these hairstyles. Try them right now and then let me know what compliments you got. 🙂

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monica mukherjee native of Allahabad, but now has been moved to Mumbai. Although being a civil engineer, she has a passion for writing. She loves to search and keep herself updated with the latest trend and fashion.


  1. Lovely hair styles!! I love the braid hairstyle, it is indeed so easy to do as well!!

  2. Half hairdo looks super cool ??

  3. yeah do try it, i love that style

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