Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hi girls… how is life? How have you all been doing? Variety is the spice of life..we, as girls want to keep trying different things all the time, be it new dresses, new gadgets, new accessories and even new hair styles.. Each day is different and so should be our style statement. While talking about style statement, our hair plays a vital part in defining our look as well as style statement. Here lies the importance of hairstyles. So check out my post on Hairstyles for Thick Hair.

hairstyles for thick hair

Nothing changes your look as prominently as a new hairdo.. Am I right? Our hair type can be of various types – thick hair, thin hair, straight hair, curly hair etc. And our hairstyle varies with our hair types. If you are blessed with thick hair, you can always experiment with a lots of hair styles no matter what the length is. In this write up, we are going to talk about a few simple yet elegant Hairstyles for Thick Hair which are suitable for mid length to long length hair.

Let Loose those Soft curls as hairstyle for thick hair

soft curls 1, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Soft curls can be achieved using a curling Iron and a hair styling mousse. They look the best if teamed up with blunt bangs in the front. You can also, probably go with a puff to get a tidier look.

soft curls 2, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Your hair can also be side swept – retro look and though a very simple hairstyle, it looks very elegant on well maintained hair.

You can add a lot of spunk to this hair style by getting some colored highlights or probably, a chunk of your hair colored.

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Half tie you hair as hairstyle for thick hair

half tie hairstyle, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

You may half tie your hair and decorate the knot with a nice hair clip or an accessory. This hairstyle looks best for semi formal occasions. Also, this hair style can be done with slightly wavy as well as straight hair and it looks equally awesome.

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Tie them up in a pony tail as hairstyle for thick hair

ponytail 2, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

A high pony looks great with thick, straight hair. If you are heading for a formal occasion, do try this out. Tie as neatly as possible to look best.

ponytail 1, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

For a more casual look, you may side sweep your hair the front, secure them with pins and tie up rest of your hair in a pony.

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Try braids as hairstyle for thick hair

braid 2, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

braids 1, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

braid 3, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Try different types of braids for your thick hair. You may take your pick from messy side braid to fish plaits to French braids.

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The elegant bun as hairstyle for thick hair

hair bun, Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Buns never go out of fashion and with thick and voluminous hair, bun is definitely not a miss. You can go for a braided bun, messy bun or front bangs with a bun. Or section your hair in the front and then tie the rest of the hair up in a bun.

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So friends, hope you enjoyed reading my post 🙂

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