Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best

Hello Girls! Today I am going to tell you Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best? Funky hairstyles are the new trend setters and if you don’t own one, you surely are at a loss. You may think about what kind of hairstyle will suit you, but don’t worry we have solutions to every query of yours. You don’t need expensive snips for your hair to look great or go to expensive saloons and ask for their advice, here are some hairstyles that will definitely flatter you and will make you stand out from the rest. So this time you will not only get idea about the hairstyle which will really suit you, but you will also know how you can look gorgeous with these superb hairstyles, so girls let us check Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best?

Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best

Hairstyle #1 : The Lazy Layers

Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best -The Lazy LayerS Hairstyle

If you don’t want your hair to get any shorter or thinner but look trendy, to your rescue are the Lazy Layers. A simple hairstyle, but makes you look gorgeous. Your hair looks like cascading waterfalls..just beautiful! This hairstyle gives your face that soft, cute look you always wanted.

Hairstyle #2 : The Mocky Medium

Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best -The Mocky Medium Hairstyle

This hairstyle suits everyone.. yes everyone. Its neither too short, nor too long, its just perfect. It falls on your shoulders the way it should, the smart way. This hairstyle gives your face the edgy look and if you are a shades person, you are going to rock it. Highly recommended!

Hairstyle #3 : Rachel’s Bob

Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best -The BOB Hairstyle

We all are familiar with the F. R. I. E. N. D. S and have always admired Jennifer Aniston’s bob. Thus, adding no further adjective, BOB is the new hot trend and more and more people are getting this BOB. An excellent choice of hairstyle during the summers. Its light, its wavy, its cute.


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Hairstyle #4 : The Elegant Bun

Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best -The elegant Bun

Tired of flaunting your hair open in this summer heat? Well not now. You should opt for the bun. Its the most elegant and can be pulled of by anyone. Just curl your hair up in a bun, add some cute clips, you are ready for college or if you want to rock a party, add a broach clip to your perfect bun, you will be an eye-candy at the party. A lovely, yet easy to do hairstyle.

Hairstyle #5 : The Curly Pony

Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best - The Curly Ponytail

The simplest hairstyle of all. Just curl your hair and pull it up in a pony and there you go to rock the world.

So these are few styles which will definitely suit on one or the other, I have taken it in general you can try any of these and I am sure you  will love it. So girls do let me know Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best according to you 🙂

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monica mukherjee native of Allahabad, but now has been moved to Mumbai. Although being a civil engineer, she has a passion for writing. She loves to search and keep herself updated with the latest trend and fashion.


  1. wow…..it looks very pretty….need to check this out 🙂

  2. Kiran Raj Singh

    I think lazy layers are perfect for me 🙂

  3. That’s a much required post…it’s like a hair style guide …nice one dear

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