Haircuts to Suit your Face Shape

Hi friends 🙂 A haircut that complements your face shape can completely reinvent your personality and make you feel reinvigorated. So, before you head out to a salon to get one, you must determine your face type and your hair texture: wavy, straight or curly.

Haircuts to Suit your Face Shape

Here are the tips that will help you get the best hairstyle according to your face shape.

How to determine your face shape

Step 1: Pull your hair off and away from your forehead. Step 2: Tie them. Step 3: Looking straight in to the mirror, trace out your face shape on the glass with a marker. Now that you have done your homework, take a look at the hairstyles that will suit your distinct face shape.

Round Face

Celeb Example: Shilpa Shetty

shilpa shetty

Haircuts: Layered bangs suit the bill because they delude others by taking weight off your face and offset your roundness. If you are going for a short haircut, make sure these give height to your face. For instance, bob with razored ends will add angles and make your face look oval.

Haircuts to avoid: You must stay away from cuts that add volume to your cheeks. The idea is to give your face a slender dimension by stealing the volume off your round face. Keep away from center parting as these accentuate your roundness.

 Diamond Shape

Celeb Example: Bipasha Basu

Haircuts to Suit your Face Shape

Best Haircut: Side-swept fringes are a perfect choice that highlight terrific cheekbones and chiselled jaw line. However, if your face is pointed, you can balance it out with a bob cut with fullness at the nape.

Haircuts to avoid: You can keep away from short bangs. It will make your face look longer and highlight the angles.

Square Shape
Celeb Example: Kareena Kapoor

Best haircut: Layers and razored ends are the best for your face type because they will balance out the boxiness of your face and the dramatic jaw line. It will also make your face look deceivingly longer. So, keep your hair long and flowy. But, if you have short hair, keep them curly and rounded to avoid highlighting the defined and bold edges of your face.

Haircuts to avoid: You should avoid a blunt-cut bang, or angled bob cut because these tend to accentuate your broad chin and forehead.

Heart Shape
Celeb Example: Priyanka Chopra

Haircuts to Suit your Face Shape

Best Haircuts: To create an illusion and shrink the broad forehead, it is best if you go for a haircut that adds volume to your hair and is flowy towards the chin. For instance, chin-length bob cut and side swept bangs.

Haircuts to avoid: Since you already have a wide forehead, avoid hairstyles that will make your face top heavy and chin even narrower. And, it is also safe to say that you must stay away from slicked-back ponytails for they will make your chin look even more fragile.

Oval Shape
Celeb Example: Karisma Kapoor

Haircuts to Suit your Face Shape

Best Haircuts: You will look your best with layers falling right on your chin and cheekbones. But, if you want to sport a pixie cut, learn a few tricks to sport it like Emma Watson or Rihanna. And a few more hairstyles to go for include blunt bang and bob with side bangs.

Haircuts to avoid: If you are considering your facial features, then those with large noses should steer away from centre-parting. If you have a high forehead then you must go for bangs with a side parting tucked behind your ear.

 Hope friends this post will help you alot to look great… 🙂

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