Hair Styles for Gym

Gym is a must have in your list for today’s time. Many people think that you only go to gyms only when you want to lose weight. But this is not the truth. Even when you want to stay healthy, active and fit you should visit gyms.?But waking up every day in the morning and then scheduling gym in between your busy time-table is not an easy job. You need an inspiration every day to go to the gym. So, how about upgrading your gym look? Just because you are working out there, doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! And hairstyles have an important role to play here. You need your hair up and out of your face, but that can’t stop you from being creative with your hairstyles for gym. In this post I will tell about some Hair Styles for Gym. These hair styles are not only easy to do, but make you look cute and keep hair out of the way. These Hair Styles for Gym are not only trendy but also comfortable and stylish at the same time. So let’s take a look below Hair Styles for Gym.

Hair Styles for Gym

Ponytail Braid among Hair Styles for Gym

Pony tail braid among Hair Styles for Gym

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This is a very easy and perfect hairstyle for gym. It is easy to do and also keep your hair out of the face. This way any hair will not fall on your face and you can concentrate on your exercises while looking equally glam.

  • How to do : secure your hair in a tight pony tail by enclosing it within a rubber band. Now, braid the length of your hair tightly and at the end of it tie it again with another rubber band.

Braided Bun among Hair Styles for Gym

Braided bun among Hair Styles for Gym

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This is another chic hairstyle perfect for those who have too much of thick and long hairs. you can also spot this hairstyle outside on an extremely hot day. A perfect hair style for gym as this will prevent any hair on your shoulders and anywhere else. This is perfect for girls who don’t like any hair stuck on shoulders.

  • How to do : secure your hair in a braid fashion just like you normally do. Now, form a bun with those braids and enclose them tightly.


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Pigtail Braids among Hair Styles for Gym

Pigtail braid among Hair Styles for Gym

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Now, you might wonder what it is?? Well, it is much more fancier than a simple ponytail or a braid. It secures your hair much better than that.?This is very chic and attractive hair style for gym.

  • How to do : start by beginning with a side part and then divide your hair at the back portion into two even sections. Now, one side of your hair tighten it with a rubber band. On the other side tighten it and do French braid and leave the ends loose. Now, repeat the same on the other end of the hair too.

Side Braid Bun among Hair Styles for Gym

Side braid bun among Hair Styles for Gym

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This is a more softer and glam look as compared to others in the gym. If you are the one who doesn’t like pigtail braids then this hairstyle is perfect for you.?This is perfect for girls who want to try something different than the usual braids or the ponytails as hair styles for gym.

  • How to do : Repeat the steps of pigtail braids. Secure both the braids in an elastic band little low at the nape of your neck. Wrap the ends of elastic and secure them with bobby pins.

So what do you think? Did you like these Hair Styles for Gym. Let me know your favorite hair style in the comments down below.

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  1. bun hairstyle for gym is my favorite 🙂

  2. These look lovely and are very practical, too

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