Hair Styles for Curly Hair

Hello girl 🙂 How have you all been doing? Are you also one of those who like to keep experimenting with different hair styles to bring in some change and freshness to your routine look? Well then, good news, in my next couple of articles, we will be discussing different types of easy to do and wearable hairstyles for different types and lengths of hair. I am pretty sure.. you are going to enjoy this series of articles… So, what are you waiting for? Read on more about it. So lets check my post on Hair Styles for Curly Hair.
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Hair style for curly hair

In this particular write up, I have made a compilation of hair styles for curly and wavy hair. If you are bestowed with naturally curly hair.. great.. If not, the curling iron is your best friend. Let us see how some of our favorite celebs are flaunting their hair styles in the following pictures..

Before getting to know about the hair styles per se, let us first know about how should you take care of your curly hair before going in for any hair style so that you are able to control the frizz, make your hair style last longer and neat for longer periods of time.

In naturally curly hair, frizz is a bothersome issue so, keep away from blow drying your hair. It is best if you indulge in a bit of oiling pre shampooing and also use a good quality hair serum on damp hair, post shampoo. This would hydrate your locks and keep the frizz under check. Let your hair air dry. If at all, you need to blow dry out of hurry, it is strongly advised to use a diffuser instead of directly blowing hot air on your hair strands.

Styling curly hair: apply a good styling mousse before getting started

  1. Straightened fringe with curly hair

Straightened fringe with curly hair

In here, you need to use a straightening iron to straighten out the fringe of hair that rests on your forehead and there is simply no need to do anything more. Let loose your hair at the back. This style can be used with any length of hair, be it, short, medium or long. You may straighten the fringe, just like Taylor swift, in these pics to give a natural look or can even go for poker straight fringe like Kim.

  1. Hair swept to a side
    Hair swept to a side

To sport this hair style, you need to go for side parting and secure the fringe with help of bobby pins, like Sonam Kapoor in the picture. You may let your curls hanging loose at the back. This looks very neat. This can be done for day as well as night occasions as it strikes a perfect balance between formal and informal. A very versatile hair do.

  1. Curly Bun
    Curly Bun

This one is my personal favorite, looks great with Ethnic wear to formal wear. It adds a hint of elegance to any girl’s personality. Deepika looks stunning in the picture, does not she? You can always accessorize buns with flowers or some nice crystals..

  1. Puff it up
    Puff it up

Puff of hair is something that every girl knows how to make these days. So, a puff can very much be coupled with curls. You need to straighten out a few front hair and then back comb/ tease them a bit to form a nice, fluffy puff in the front. Let loose your hair at the back like Aish. She looks gorgeous, no matter what she does.

  1. Fish tail braid
    Fish tail braid

Now, this hair style takes stylishly messy to a whole new level. Sweep your hair to one side and go for a fish tail braid with your curly/ wavy hair. You may leave the front hair teased like Priyanka.

Let me know how did you find my compilation in the comments section below!! 🙂

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