Hair Packs for Healthy Hair

Hey girls, how are you all?? I am back with new solutions of your beauty care problems. We all face hair damaging, dandruff and hair falling problems. My post is not about problems but it is about solutions. Yes ladies, here I tell you about Hair Packs for Healthy Hair. O my mine! I know you all are getting excited with my new idea. You all know that I always believe in homemade solutions. These hair packs are homemade and safe too. So have a look on these Hair Packs for Healthy Hair. I promise you will find something very amazing on this post and you will get rid of hair related problems.

Hair Packs for Healthy Hair

Hibiscus and Lavender Oil Pack

Take some paste of the leaves of hibiscus?and add 2 drops of lavender oil and mix it. Apply this paste on your hair for half hour and rinse it with cold water. Don’t use any shampoo. After drying your hair, comb it with hair brush. This paste helps to stop the roughness of your hair. This paste gives shine and smoothness to your hair. You must try this hibiscus paste.

Simple Hair Packs for Healthy Hair

Curd and Rose Petal Pack

It is a great pack for shiny hair. Take some curd in a bowl, add some paste of rose petals, mix it then apply it on your hair. After few minutes of massage, rinse it with cold water. It gives a beautiful shine to your hair and you will get back the smoothness of your hair. You can apply this paste daily. Isn’t this easy? Yes it is soo easy! What are you waiting for, just try this!!

Amla, Reetha and Methi Pack

If you are facing the problem of dandruff, this pack is best for you. It decreases the dandruff easily.

Take some methi seeds in a bowl and soak it overnight. Next morning, make a paste of soaked methi seeds with help of grinder, add some reetha also. Or you can add some amla paste in this. Apply this paste on your hair for 20 minutes. Then rinse it with cold water. This paste not only reduces dandruff but also gives amazing shine.

Easy ways to get Healthy Hair

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Henna and Yogurt Pack

Take sufficient henna paste, add yogurt and peels of orange in a bowl and mix it. Apply this paste and wait for an hour. Wash your hair and air dry your hair. Then gently oil massage your hair. With the help of this mask your hair becomes more smooth. It reduces the roughness and split ends. You can try this pack once in a month.

Easy Hair Packs for Healthy Hair

Hibiscus Flower and Yogurt Pack

Take some paste of hibiscus flower and add yogurt, mix it well. Apply it on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Dilute your shampoo by mixing a little bit of water, then wash your hair with it. Hibuscus flower is best solution for hair problems. Hibuscus gives required nutrients to your hair and yogurt gives shine and smoothness. This pack makes your hair long and smooth. You can use this paste twice in a week.

I know we all live a busy life, but we have to give some time to our hair and beauty care. Your hair is your true beauty so make it beautiful. These packs are really helpful to remove hair related problems. These packs make your hair beautiful, promotes hair growth and make your hair smooth and soft. They also reduce split ends. So I hope you make these packs at your home easily. I hope you all like this post. Please share your queries, comments and views and be with us on our BHB page.

Stay beautiful!!

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  1. I love hibiscus hair packs. It softens hair amazingly well.

  2. wow those are nice packs.time to try them

  3. Summer is approaching and hair packs are my favorite….there are some really innovative ones here….

  4. Yaa sangeeta hibiscus is a very effective herb for healthy hair.

  5. Yaa pallavi summer is best for hair packs

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