Hair Loss Due to Helmet

Hii girls! Today I am going to share a new post – Hair Loss Due to Helmet. Helmets are very necessary safety equipment for two wheeler riders as per government rules. In small cities, ladies are also following this rule for their safety. Helmet is such a helpful thing to save you from dangerous accidents. But constant use of helmet can give bad results to your hair, it can cause hair loss. Some helmet companies are trying to make hair friendly helmets as well as strong helmets but most helmets are too harsh for your hair. The leather of helmets is not good for hair. There are various factors which causes hair loss and helmet is one of them. So friends lets have a look that what are the reasons of Hair Loss Due to Helmet and what we can do to avoid this problem.

Hair Loss Due to Helmet

Sweating Leads to Hair Loss Due to Helmet

Sweating is one of the major reasons of Hair Loss Due to Helmet. When you are wearing helmet sweating is a very common problem. While sweating your hair get a contact with bacteria. Due to sweat, your scalp become so dirty with unhygienic elements, it easily absorbs the dust particles which can make them undernourished and weak. Weak scalp is the reason of hair loss. If you want healthy hair you have to make your scalp clean and healthy. So you have to take care about this thing. You may take off your helmet in regular intervals, give fresh air to your hair and your helmet too. Giving breaks, during your rides is a very good way to avoid the problem of sweating. Increase your breaks in summer.

Hair Loss Due to Helmet wearing


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Cheap Leather Causes Hair Loss Due to Helmet

Most of the helmets are made of cheap leather. When you use it constantly and sweat deposits in it then it become so unhygienic and unhealthy for your hair. It may cause fungi infections too. Sometimes your hair get infected and you experience hair fall. You might think that it is a normal hair loss, but no!! Girls, sometimes you have to take care of your helmets more than your hair. If your helmet is clean and healthy, your never face the problem of hair loss. Clean your helmets leather weekly with cotton cloth and avoid this problem easily.

Hair fall Due to Helmet

Wrong Way to Wear and Take Off Helmet Leads to Hair Loss Due to Helmet

There is nice way to put your helmet easily and carry on comfortably. Put your helmet gently and always take care that your no hair is pulled very tightly otherwise you have to face a great amount of hair loss daily. Take good care while taking off it. Pulling tightly is very harsh way to treat your hair; and your hair breaks easily. This may cause a great amount of hair fall. Never wear tight helmets. Always wear comfortable helmets to avoid Hair Loss Due to Helmet.

So girls, these are the factors that ultimately lead to Hair Loss Due to Helmet. I hope next time you will keep these things in mind while using helmet. Wearing helmets is compulsory so don’t avoid this but just take a little care and you can say no to hair loss forever 🙂

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