Hair Cleaning Tips

Hair Cleaning Tips – Hello everyone!!!! here i have got something that might help you out to resolve the problem that you always face “HAIR CLEANING TIPS”. Due to increase in pollution the damage to hair is caused which leads to many hair related problems. The perfect way to clean your hairs for all the beauties out there is here. We all are concerned about our hairs as it enhances our beauty.  So hereby in the  following tips i have precisely shown the perfect way to deal with it, So you must read the post to know more about the hair cleaning tips.

Hair cleaning tips


wet your hair as through you are soaking your hair in water. later on after doing this, the first step in shampooing is to wet your hair with moderate temperature (100F) and low water pressure. Trap the water with your hands and gently massage with it. Gently repeat this procedure 3 minutes. At this point, dirt and oil on your hair will be rinsed out.


Single strand of hair is very fine. If you rinse your hair with hot water, it will cause the cuticle to peal. Also, essential oil will run out.


Shampoo your scalp only lather the ends and healthy is very important Proper way of shampooing is to shampoo your scalp. Put shampoo on your scalp, not on your hair. Apply shampoo from the nape, around the ears and hairline. Gently massage the scalp throughout your entire head. Keeping your scalp clean.


It is not necessary to lather up so much! Too much lathering can cause damage to the cuticle of the hair.

How to clean your hairs

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Dry Hair – Egg, Herbal shampoo or any shampoo for dry hair.

Normal Hair – For normal hair fruit shampoos or henna shampoo is good

Oily Hair– Lemon shampoo.


 Gently rinse your hair
Just as you wet your hair in the first step, trap the water and massage with it. Do not use strong water pressure to rinse your hair


Apply the treatment below the ear line.Conditioning Treatment is to revitalize and replenish lost protein and other vital nutrients in damaged hair. Since there are more people with damaged hair nowadays, it is necessary to apply conditioning treatment every time you shampoo your hair. The amount of conditioner applied varies, but roughly 3cc for a medium length hair and 5cc for a long hair.

Conditioners used for different types of Hair:

Damaged hair – Protein Conditioner

Dry hair – Moisturizing or Intensive Conditioner

Oily hair – Any normal (oil free) conditioner


Gently towel blot excess moisture
Towels blot excess moisture out rather than rubbing down with a towel. Excess moisture left in the hair will gather at the ends as time passes by. Gently blot the moisture at the ends to avoid friction between strands of hair that will cause cuticle to peel.

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