Hair Care Tips For Very Long Hair

Hair is a very important part of our body. Hair defines our look. Nothing can enhance our beauty like beautiful gorgeous hair. No matter how much makeup we put on, or wear beautiful jewelry and clothes, dull brittle hair can just ruin our entire look. Similarly, beautiful bouncy hair can instantly improve our entire appearance. So clearly hair is our biggest asset and it is very important to take appropriate care of our asset. So let’s check out my post on hair care tips for very long hair.

hair care tips for very long hairLong hair adds an extra charm to our looks. Long hair looks very elegant and very appealing. Our hair is our crowning glory. Long, healthy beautiful hair boosts our confidence and enhances our overall appearance As much as long hair is our asset, it is also true that long hair needs extra care. Otherwise hair will look dull, lifeless and limp. A proper hair care routine is what we all need to maintain in order to have healthy long gorgeous tresses. In this post, we have shared a few hair care tips for very long hair.

Oil massaging as hair care tips for very long hair 

Oiling is the most basic, yet most important step of hair care, be it long or short. Oiling your long hair regularly nourishes the hair roots and makes hair healthy and beautiful. Apply the oil on your scalp and gently massage the entire scalp with your fingertips. Massaging will improve the blood circulation on the scalp that in turn will promote hair growth. Massage the oil for at least 15 minutes and leave on for 30-45 minutes before you wash off with a mild shampoo. Coconut oil greatly nourishes the hair and scalp, while almond & jojoba oil can be used for hair growth & strengthening.

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Shampoo & conditioner as hair care tips for very long hair 

It is very important to choose shampoo & conditioner according to your hair type. Clean hair is healthy hair, but don’t wash your hair more than thrice a week. Frequent washing strips the hair off it’s essential oils, making it dry and brittle.  Always choose mild herbal shampoos, because the less the chemical, the better for your hair. Shampooing should always be followed by using conditioner. Conditioner keeps the hair moisturized and also protects our hair from environmental dirt and pollution and sun damage. Using deep conditioning masks (at least once a week) before shampooing is even better. Always wash your hair with fresh cold water. Fresh water is great for hair.

Brushing & Combing as hair care tips for very long hair 

Do invest in a good hair brush. Get the natural bristle brushes with rounded tips. Be gentle while brushing your long hair, because long hair is more prone to breakage. Keep a wide toothed comb handy and use it to detangle the hair. Separate your hair in sections and comb out each portion separately for detangling. Never ever comb your wet hair as it may cause unwanted hair fall.

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Air dry as hair care tips for very long hair 

Avoid using hair dryer, as the heat damages the hair and takes out the shine. Hair becomes dry and totally lifeless. Air-dry your hair as much as possible. Too much usage of hair styling tools should be avoided because the heat is too bad for hair. Also don’t color your hair too often. Most of the hair colors contain harsh chemicals which damages the hair in the long run.

Choosing hair style as hair care tips for very long hair 

Be careful while choosing your hair-dos. Don’t braid your hair too tightly. A tight ponytail is also no-no. Tight hair styles like braid or ponytails can damage long hair. The safest option is to let it down. Try to use satin pillow while sleeping. While changing your position during sleeping, satin pillows cause less friction, therefore less hair fall.

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Trimming as hair care tips for very long hair 

Regular trimming is very important to maintain long hair. Regular trimming prevents split ends. Split ends are the biggest enemy of long hair. So trim your hair at regular intervals (like once in every two months) for long, healthy hair.

Proper lifestyle as hair care tips for very long hair 

Leading a stress free life is imperative for beautiful long hair. Right amount of sleep, a healthy diet and lots of water intake keep your hair healthy, long & beautiful from inside out!

Hope you liked my post today. Until next time..

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