Hair & Care Silk n Shine Review

Hey beautiful women. I am publishing Hair & Care Silk n Shine Review. So many products are launched every month that it’s almost difficult to decide what to buy. But if we find something that is within our budget and inexpensive and gives almost the same result as high end products won’t we just jump to grab that thing. Today I bring one such product for you. It’s Marico’s hair and care silk and shine hair serum. Gone were the days when our mothers used to oil our hair and oiling enough was considered good for hair. These days our hairs face a lot of problems from pollution to chemicals to lack of time. So we need different products to care for our hair.
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I always oil my hair before washing then I condition the after every wash and then I apply hair serum post washing to damp hair. I also apply deep conditioning treatment once a week and do hair spa on my own once a month. Can you believe this, so many products just to maintain my hair? I use different oils according to change in season too. So after investing so much money on hair care products, if I come across a product which is cheap yet very effective I just grab it. This is one such product read on to know more:

Price : Rs. 40 for 18 ml.

Key ingredients : Silicone conditioners, fragrance, vitamin E, fruit extracts.

Directions for use : Pour a coin size amount on your palm, apply on damp hair and gently comb through. For thicker or longer hair use an additional amount proportionately. Best suited for normal to dry hair. Use lesser amount in humid weather.

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Shelf life : 3 years.

Color : It’s transparent like water.

Smell : I love the fragrance it is lovely and fruity.

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What Hair & Care Silk n Shine claims

Experience the luxury of hair that shines like rich silk with hair and care silk and shine. Enriched with fruit vitamins, it works naturally to soften dry, rough and damaged hair. In a matter of minutes, silk and shine erases the harmful effects of dust, prolonged exposure to sunlight, chemicals and hard water with its unique three step action, and instantly gives you parlour like silky hair.

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My Experience with Hair & Care Silk n Shine 

As I have already explained you all my hair care routine which I try to follow religiously. But there are days when we just don’t have the time to do such elaborate process of hair spa and deep conditioning hair so that is when a hair serum comes to rescue. It coats and protects our hair from harmful weather effects. I have tried many hair serums ranging from the expensive ones to the ones who are pocket friendly. I like Hair & Care Silk n Shine hair serum as it gives me the same result as a high end serum and yet costs only peanuts. Hair & Care Silk n Shine comes in various sizes but I always buy the smallest as it lasts me almost three months since very little quantity is required every time.

The serum comes in a flip top transparent bottle. Hair & Care Silk n Shine spreads easily on the hairs and coats them evenly. Hair & Care Silk n Shine serum has a very pleasant fruity fragrance which lingers whole day but I can still smell it after 2 days too though the scent is very faint. Hair & Care Silk n Shine controls my frizz and makes my hair more manageable and detangles them. It does add a little shine as claimed and define my waves. Don’t expect results like you see in a shampoo advertisement but Hair & Care Silk n Shine does its job decently. My hairs don’t become greasy and it does not weigh my hair down. I wish the complete list of ingredients provided instead of a few selected ones. Hair & Care Silk n Shine comes at an affordable price I am already on my third bottle of this. Since I have dry hair I always use Hair & Care Silk n Shine with regular shampooing and conditioning.

To sum up I can say that Hair & Care Silk n Shine is a very good and effective leave in serum to control frizz and add shine and bounce to the hair yet it costs only a few bucks.

Good about Hair & Care Silk n Shine 

  • It’s affordable.
  • Very little quantity is required per use so it lasts long.
  • It has nice fragrance.
  • It is travel friendly and comes in various sizes.
  • It does tame frizzy hair.
  • Add shine and bounce as claimed.
  • Detangle hair and make them easy to comb.

Bad about Hair & Care Silk n Shine 

  • I couldn’t think of any cons.

Availability : easily available.

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4.5/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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Heena is born and brought up in Delhi. She is a teacher by profession with Masters Degree in English Literature and also a makeup enthusiast. She is a mother of 5 year old girl and loves to spend time with her. She is passionate about reading books and writing. Makeup is her new found love and she loves exploring new makeup and fashion trends. Once naive to makeup she is now a pro at it and never leaves home without some colour on lips and gleam in eyes.


  1. it seems nice to me

  2. Its a nice product,… i hv used it

  3. I totally agree

  4. its my first serum 🙂 when i was in college
    good one heena

  5. even i feel that it justifies its price plus claims…good one 🙂

  6. i used to use hair n care in my childhood. Would love to try this version. 🙂

  7. hi, before i used Hair & Care Silk n Shine its very good product. But now a days i didnt get this product in market. I want to buy this product. How can i buy? Please suggest me…

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