My Hair Care Routine

I recently had few questions about the products I use on my hair. I’ve been wanting to do a post My Hair Care Routine from long time. So finally sharing my My Hair Care Routine. My hair care routine is super easy due to my busy schedule. I love that hair care products which works for my hair instantly like giving smooth, soft frizz free hair per use. I have super dry hair which looks sometime so bad so for my hair I always search products which is easy to use as well as works wonders. So lets check what’s my My Hair Care Routine.

My Hair Care Routine

A little about my hair: I only wash my hair about 2-3 times a week. My hair is THin. The actual strands are fine, but I have a less amount of hair. This is the longest my hair has ever been. I cannot say any of these products have made my hair grow faster, but I do believe they have made my hair a lot healthier hence making my hair look longer.

My Hair Care Routine

I’ll start with the shampoos and conditioners I like to use. I’ve currently been using Sunsilk shampoo and Kama ayurveda conditioner. It’s good one, it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I wouldn’t say it’s some miracle product, but I do like them. My all time favorite shampoo and conditioner is Loccitane.

hair shampoo and conditione


Once a week, I use a clarifying shampoo. Just to really give my hair a deep clean.

Also once a week, I deep condition my hair. I’m using the Home made mask. Its gives bouncy hair and its adds volume to my hair and gives me healthy shiny , smooth, soft hair instant. Its super moisturized hair mask which also give lots of moisture to my hair which looks so healthy.

Steps to make Honey mask

  • Mix Honey and luke warm water in equal amount as per hair length
  • Apply this mask for 30 mins and wrapped with shower cap
  • just wash hair with help of shampoo

honey hair mask

Oiling hair is really important for me so I oil my hair once a week and for oiling my hair I used coconut or olive oil.

Read these two benefits that why I use these two oils

My Hair Care Routine

Hope it helps! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe will try some of these products out. What are your favorite hair products!?

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  1. Nice routine kiran!

  2. i liked the diluted honey recipe for hair..shall try it soon 🙂

  3. thanks for sharing it, I am going to try the honey mask asap 🙂

  4. very much similar to my hair care routine 🙂 good informative

  5. After reading this post i tried the honey mask suggested by you…it actually makes hair super soft and adds body…thank you for sharing this DIY 🙂

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