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[kkstarratings]Hi friends, Today I am sharing my hair bumpits 🙂 This is a leave-in volumizing hair inserts that are able to give you instant volume and let you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful, like you just stepped out of a professional salon. take a look for more

Hair Bumpits review

How to increase hair volume

Price of  Hair Bumpits


Direction for using Hair Bumpits

1) Lift up the upper part of hair and place the volume hair base under it, on the top of your head.
2) Cover the Volume Hair Base with the hair. Loosen it to make more airy.
3) Fix the hair with pins.

steps for using Hair Bumpit

direction for using Hair Bumpit


increase hair volume

Feel about Hair Bumpits

Friends its a magical product for every girl because its give me Perfect VOLUME and Style hair with Effortlessly in seconds, Sounds great na I know every girl wonders effortlessly perfect hair but its not possible but these hair bumpits going to solve your styling problem of hair volume.

These black bumpits comes in two different size small and big, small one is perfect for my hair. Its have griper band to hold hair. Its weights much lighter and I can wear it all day long without worrying my bumpits sleeking off, It can be easily hidden in hair, the shape of natural flu fluffy!

I love the bump it up volume. Anyone who wants a touch of volume then I really recommend this product. It really add volume to your hair and it’s so easy to put on

Good About Hair Bumpits

  • Exciting new Revolutionary Hair Volumizing Inserts.
  • Comfortable for full day
  • Leave-in product
  • Self Gripping, Hidden Inserts.
  • Create Perfect Volume Every time.
  • For Classic Volume in crown
  • Easy to create Dozens of Styles.
  • Easy to carry

Bad about Hair Bumpits

  • The smallest bump it is very useful and I really like it. The other is too big and it is difficult to put it on my head.

Availability: Available only online

Fashion and Beauty Ratings: 4.5/5  ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. Something totally new for me..great ya 🙂

  2. even i have them and i love them a lot!

  3. Seems interesting. Looks easy to make a poof wid it

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