Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub. Most of us have one skin exfoliator in our beauty regime. Usually I prefer scrubs for the face and gloves for rest of the body and use them biweekly. Last month while browsing through I found something very unique. A grape based product which improves skin metabolism. In India very few beauty product have grapes in their ingredient list plus what attracted me was skin metabolism while other exfoliaters increase blood circulation.

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub Review

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub is enriched with the goodness of Alpha Hydroxyacids, polyphenols and antioxidants which improve skin metabolism. The grapes used are of Kookkal tropical Grape which are grown in the high Altitude vineyards in the Nilgiris Mountains of south India. This improves skin metabolism when used once a week while it is formulated without parabens and sulphates. At this moment it is only available online. Lets move on to Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub Review to find out more about this.

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub packaging

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub

Price of Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub : Rs.2000/- for 200 gm (available on discount too)

Direction for use and?Ingredients :

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub ingredients and directions for use

Shelf life:2 years

Color : Brown jelly

Smell: Edible products

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub opening

What Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub Cream claims

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub claims

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub swatch

My experience with Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub

Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub is available in only one size in a jar packaging. A foil seal is placed underneath to seal in the freshness of the product. On opening the seal I need to control myself from eating it up as its fragrance resembles home made chutney and trust me if its served people will actually end up eating it without even suspecting what the product is. Although the price tag is too high yet if one gets it at a discount like me then why complain. Otherwise price tag is quite close to luxury brands.

The texture of this scrub is a complete surprise for me as it is formulated without any granules. The thick jelly like base has peels of grapes in it and that’s all for the exfoliation. One needs to scoop out a little and generously apply it on the skin including facial skin. It feels a little sticky but this makes it non messy as it does not drip. This needs to be left on the skin for ten minutes before rinsing off. Washing off needs a little effort as the sticky layer needs a light massage to get washed away. Till here I was sure that it did not do anything to my skin.

Exactly after washing the surface of the skin, it feels baby soft and super smooth. My skin looked brighter and felt very refreshed. On patting it dry I found my irritated skin had calmed down and it was looking squeaky clean. In fact it adds a nice glow to the skin and not even for a moment my skin felt dry or stretchy. I was surprised because without scrubbing I never thought this would be possible. This does not claim to work on blackheads or whiteheads but considering it has Salicylic acid in its ingredients it might knock them down too in the long run. Specially recommended for ladies with dull, mature or sensitive skin who cannot endure the harshness of granuler scrubs.

Overall Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub is paraben & sulphate free skin pampering and nourishing scrub enriched with AHAs, polyphenols and antioxidants which lives upto its promise of skin metabolism by intensely purifying skin, adding glow without any harsh granular texture rubbing against the skin.

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Good about Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub

  • Looks like a Yum Yum product
  • Purifies and brightens skin
  • A two in one product- exfoliator and mask
  • Gently works to makes skin free from dead cell and impurities
  • Free from sulphates, parabens, soap and petroleum derivatives
  • Has the goodness of Alpha hydroxyl acid and Salicylic Acid
  • Non messy, does not drip
  • Aids in skin metabolism
  • Makes skin supple soft
  • Not tested on animals
  • Can be used all over including face
  • A good option for mature and sensitive skin as there are no harsh granules

Bad about?Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub

  • Extremely pricey

Availability: Online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.8/5

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  1. I like such innovative scrubs…nice one

  2. Looking really good one πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. I heard alot good things about this brand πŸ™‚

  4. It really looks like chutney πŸ˜› Again, one of those products that are ‘My kind’. Thanks for bringing this to our notice. Just one request-Humein bhi discount dilwado warna bank lootna padega πŸ˜›

    • Lolzzzz…it’s too expensive seriously!!! Check dear wai pe u will get huge discount πŸ™‚ looks and smells yum yum πŸ˜‰

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