GOLD JEWELLERY- “A fashion that speaks about your personality”

GOLD JEWELLERY- “A fashion that speaks about your personality” – Women are incomplete without jewellery. Jewellery add a touch of elegance and charm to their beauty. Jewelleries are used on occasions, parties and even in everyday life. Today, the market is full of various types of jewelleries, like junk jewellery, diamond jewellery, silver jewellery, etc, but nothing ever can replace gold jewellery. Gold jewellery is that part of fashion that never fades away. It is always on trend. It is not easy to take the eyes off an woman wearing the right amount of gold jewellery. And today, you can get gold jewellery in different designs, such as bangles, earrings, rings, chains etc. Keep on reading to find out more.

Gold Jewellery, Fashion tips, fashion jewellery, jewellery

GOLD JEWELLERY- “A fashion that speaks about your personality”

Here are some of the simple gold earring and gold chain with locket which are high on demand –

Designer Gold Earrings

Gold Jewellery - Gold Earrings, Fashion tips, fashion jewellery, jewellery

Gold earrings are one of the most popular gold jewellery. You can wear it always and it completes our outfit whether we are at work or at home or on any occasions. It is a must-have in every woman’s jewellery list. Here are some simple gold earrings design which are trendy and highly popular in the market-

  • Gold Hoop earring – Gold hoop earrings are extremely trendy and are available in a full circular hoop or semi circular hoop. It is most popular among teenagers and youngsters. It has a diamond cut finish made up of sparkling gold. These earrings give a trendy look with a dazzling style statement when it is teamed with a pair of jeans and a crop top.
  • Stud gold earring – A stud gold earring is versatile, simple and elegant. It comes in a variety of designs and shapes. It sits directly on the earlobes and is wearable on any occasions. Even, it is great for daily use as it goes with every outfit.
  • Drop earring – This gives a drop look to the piece. It can be attached to the earlobes with an ornament that hangs. It is a beautiful piece which goes with every outfit.

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Designer Gold Chains with Locket

Gold Jewellery - Gold Chains with Locket, Fashion tips, fashion jewellery, jewellery

Gold chains are also one of the must-haves in a woman’s gold jewellery collection. Gold chains look quite trendy and it is also convenient when you are not sure of of what accessory to wear. It is suitable for parties, events and functions. It comes in varieties of designs now-a-days which are also suitable for daily purpose.

The following are the latest gold chain with locket designs-

  • Gold beaded chain – Gold beaded chain is suitable for professional outfit and uniform. It is a gold neck chain which adds a personal touch to your outfit with a comfortable feel to your neck. It has tiny links with high quality glass pearls. Gold plated flowers and disk accent beads. It looks elegant with a matching floral design locket or small coin shaped locket.
  • Gold Dragonfly chain – The gold dragonfly chain comes with a cute dragonfly locket. It gives a simple yet classy look to your casual dress or evening wear. It is a thin chain which makes it an elegant style statement.
  • Simple gold chain – Simple gold chain is appropriate for both men and women. It looks amazing with traditional outfits and also as an everyday accessory when it is teamed with a beautiful locket.

So these are the trendy and fashionable gold jewellery. The simple earrings and a gold chain with locket are available easily in the market and are high on demand. I hope this article will serve you as a guide if you are planning to make a purchase.

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