Glam Up Powder Cream Review

Glam Up Powder Cream Review

[kkstarratings]Hello beauties, Today I will be reviewing Glam up , the first powder cream in Indian market. From their commercials itself it was clear that this is gonna be something different when the girl said “make up nahi karna hai par special dikhna hai “. I am sure most of you must been happy and relieved at the same time with the launch of a cream that would actually save us from layering our faces with different products.

Glam Up Powder Cream Review

Glam Up Powder Cream

Price of Glam up powder cream 

Rs.150/-  for  25 gm

Directions for using Glam up powder cream 

Apply to cleansed face, as and when required.

Ingredients of Glam up powder cream

Glam Up Cream Review

Color of Glam up powder cream 

Its light beige in color and no shade is mentioned.

Smell of  Glam up powder cream

Very sweet smell which does not irritate the nose.

Shelf Life of Glam up powder cream

2 years

Glam Up

What Glam up powder cream Claim 

Glam up glides on your face like your most beloved cream, yet provides the finish of an elegant face powder, its both a cream and a powder , yet neither because of its own unique formula in a powder cream.

Glam up’s light weight formula gives you a balance and even skin tone; smooth texture with moisture’ protection from sun damage and the result , you look fresh and radiant.

Powder Cream Review

vini glam up

glam up from vini

Feel of  Glam up powder cream  

Glam up has a thin consistency making it easy to glide onto the skin and on applying, one feels like a mild cooling sensation. Initially I was not sure whether to skip moisturizer or wear it before applying Glam up but I did the latter as I have normal to dry skin;. It makes the face look a little fairer on applying but does not give any kind of coverage. By fairer I mean it gives a whitish finish to my face and adds some shine too. One has to be careful while applying as too much will make the face look different from rest of the body specially girls who have dusky complexion. It does not have any spf so its better to use sun protection before wearing this in the daytime.

On oily skin, it gives a shinier look so it is a strict no no for them.  However it’s a blessing for dry skin as it adds a nice glow to the face and only a little amount is required to get that. The glow it brings stays for some 4 hours and does not need reapplication as such unless one sweats a lot. Its very light on skin as well and needs very small space to be carried in a hand purse. By the way it never leaks too and is packed in a sleek tube keeping hygiene of in mind .

Commenting on the ingredients, it is made up of many chemicals ( parabens, silicones etc) while powder is listed after so many ingredients which means it does not contain large quantity of powder as such. Also there is warning on the pack which instructs to stop using if one faces irritation on skin and eyes due to this. My daughter has sensitive skin but it did not irritate her skin at all.

In other words, this is an affordable powder cream or to be specific it’s a glow cream or highlighter for normal to dry skin, for girls who are on a tight budget and do not want to layer their face with make up and want a no coverage look  this can be a good option for them . Also I do not want to criticize it for having no spf content because then it cannot be used at nighttime. Overall it’s a decent face product, easy on pocket and does not break out skin, rather gives it a glowing finish but then we have BB creams today which gives some coverage too so one has to choose accordingly.

Good about Glam up powder cream

  • Boon for dry skinned
  • Gives a fairer look
  • Adds shine to the face
  • Very light on skin
  • Stays for long even after little sweating
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Affordable
  • Easy to glide on skin
  • Easily available

Bad of Glam up powder cream

  • Not for oily skin girls
  • No coverage on skin
  • Full of chemicals

Availability:   Easy

Fashion and beauty Rating:  4/5   ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Hey juthika great review 🙂 need to try this glam up cream

  2. Seems good one but not for me 🙁

  3. I was not aware of this product till now..seems interesting… I would give it a try, I feel 🙂

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