How to Take Care of Skin During Monsoon

Hi friends.. 🙂 monsoon is here and is your skin  ready for it ? don’t worry I will help you on How to Take Care of Skin During Monsoon, keep your skin flawless by figuring out what your skin needs and following your skin care regime religiously. From easily available over-the-counter products to kitchen beauty secrets, use them as per the demands of your skin.

Get Healthy Skin During Monsoon


How To Take Care Of Skin During Monsoon

Many people feel that using a moisturiser can make your skin look oily and that is the last thing you want when there is moisture-laden air. Skin care experts call it a must-have irrespective of your skin type.

Oily skin: people with oily skin should use water-based moisturisers after deep-cleansing the face.

Dry skin:  not only supports use of moisturiser, but also application of a cream-based cleanser to keep the skin hydrated.

The thumbs up to light moisturiser. It also advises the use of finger tips to apply and not to use it profusely. Excessive use of it will only work against the skin as the moisturiser will just sit heavily on the face and prevent the skin from breathing.

Sunscreen lotion to people who have field work and are exposed to the sun for long hours. They should carry sunscreen with them and apply it every two hours.

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Those just commuting between home and office should use sunscreen with SPF 15. The SPF level should be 30 for those who stay out longer in the sun. It also said that the sunscreen should have UVA and UVB protection.

Quick tips on how to use vegetables, fruits and other natural ingredients to protect the skin from the weather`s harshness.

– Take a tomato and crush it. Then take Multani mitti and mix them. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off. It is good for specially those who have open pores.

– If you have a dry skin, paste made of honey and banana will be good. However, people with oily skin should use only honey.

– Watermelon is very good. If you mix it with milk powder and put in on the skin, it will help to calm and cool the skin.

Treatment and precaution for Skin During Monsoon:

As skin infections are on the rise during monsoon, It advises consulting a specialist in addition to two simple solutions:

– Use an anti-fungal powder on all body folds to avoid any fungal infection.

– Keep your skin dry. Don`t wear wet clothes and sit for long. Wet shoes should also be changed.

So friends did u like my tips on Skin During Monsoon ? 🙂

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