Get Beautiful Looks with these Everyday Habits

Get Beautiful Looks with these Everyday Habits – Hi Beauties! I am back with my post i.e Get Beautiful Looks with these Everyday Habits. Not just your shampoo and conditioner, there are way many factors which affect how sleek and shiny your hairs are. To achieve good gorgeous hair, you don’t always need to spend in expensive products, but take care of few daily habits and you will notice some great change in your hair type. So, keep in mind this check-list and get great looking hair. Let’s start with post Get Beautiful Looks with these Everyday Habits.

Get Beautiful Looks with these Everyday Habits

Get Beautiful Looks with these Everyday Habits

Trim Hair Regularly :

Trim Hairs Regularly

Yes, even though you are trying to grow hairs  long Trim Regularly. No trimming can leave your hair damaged with split and rough ends and also your hair will never glow well. So, trim them after every 6-8 weeks. It helps in better hair growth.

Let your Hair Dry Naturally :

Yes, using hair styling products can make your hair break, and rid them from the natural moisture. Stay away from hair styling products as much as you can.

Eat Healthy Protein Rich Food :

Eat Healthy Protein Rich Food

Protein is highly necessary for hair as it is building block of hairs. Also Iron is equally necessary as it is energy source for hairs. So, keep your tresses shiny, long, fuller and manageable by adding iron, minerals, proteins, vitamins, amino acids to your diet.

Protect your Hair in Sun :

Protect your Hair in Sun

Whenever going out in sun make a point to cover your hairs. Sun rays do a good amount of damage to our skin, same goes for the hairs. Sun oxidized your hairs and makes them dry. When going out on a beach keep a hat or a scarf with you Or a generous application of Heat protectant with SPF onto damp hair will protect hairs a lot from burning and dehydrating.

Say no to Hot Water :

Hot water sounds too perfect after a long day but may not be good for our hairs. It makes hairs dry and also those who have colored hairs, the color washes out more early. So, go for lukewarm water instead.

Keep Hands away from your Hair :

Twirling your hairs, and constantly pulling hairs into ponytails, picking split ends, all these activities increases traction (constant mild pulling of hair follicle) which may result into receding hairline. So, just style hairs once, don’t keep using your hands and trying to style them constantly.

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Right Brushing to Hair :

Right Brushing to Hair

Always use a wide toothed comb to brush your hairs, and start from the bottom to top to avoid creating more knots and Be Gentle with your precious locks. Also, never brush your hairs when wet, let them dry and then go ahead with your brushing.

Shampoo Habit :

Over shampooing can make your scalp tight ad itchy. And whereas not shampooing enough can make your hair become oily and may cause dandruff. Also, try switching your hair products with time, as using same products on hairs, hairs can stop showing the effect. So, with time and hair condition switch your hair products. Apart from that, use the right amount of product, use shampoo on first few inches of your scalp where you get most of the oil, ends doesn’t need much of cleansing. And Use conditioner from the mid shaft till the ends where hairs are more prone to dryness.

So, you can Get Beautiful Looks with these Everyday Habits. Hope you found it helpful 🙂

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