Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream Review

We live in a society which celebrates all things beautiful, whether it is nature or human being. And when talking about us human beings, beauty is synonymous to youth. Age is something that we want to avoid at any cost. Age slowly takes away our beauty and the first signs of aging appears on our skin. Our skin loses its natural beauty, its youthfulness and starts to sag. Wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. Wrinkles are caused by natural aging process. Now, we can’t prevent aging, but of course we can delay the appearance of wrinkles. Maintaining the youthful look of our skin for a longer time isn’t that tough, if we start taking anti-aging skincare at younger age. And using a good anti wrinkle cream is one of the basic part of anti-aging skincare. So today I will be sharing Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream Review with you all.

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-Ageing Cream review

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream comes with the goodness of some amazing natural ingredients, like ginger, cherries and billberry. Ginger is well known for its revitalizing properties and it also boost up skin regeneration. Active essence of cherries and billberry extract firms up the skin. Garnier claims that these natural active ingredients have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity. Sounds promising, right? But does it actually work? Check out Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream Review below to find out.

Price of Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream : Rs.149/-

Direction for use : Gently massage into the skin using circular movements, moving from the inside of your face outwards, and from the base of your neck to the top

Ingredients :
It is enriched with active natural ingredients like active essence of cherries, combined with bilberry extract which helps firm skin and ginger which helps boost the natural process of skin’s regeneration.
Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream pack, Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-Ageing Cream review

Shelf life : 2yrs

Color : white

Smell : mild

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream cap, Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream review

What Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream claims

Garnier Wrinkle Lift is an everyday solution that targets wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, skin dryness

Garnier Wrinkle cream swatch, Garnier wrinkle lift skin cream review

My experience with Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream comes in a red colored glass jar which is well protected by a white colored screw open cap. The jar looks very pretty. The packaging is sturdy and safe enough to carry. Although the glass packaging can be little risky.

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream is white in color. The texture is thick and it has runny consistency. When I first used this cream, it made my skin oily. I thought may be I have taken more than the required amount and so, the next day I took little less amount. But still my skin looked and felt oily. I thought that may be this product is not meant for me and I just had to discontinue using the same. Last winter, when my skin turned pretty dry, I just thought of giving this cream another try. And, it suited me really well then. The cream got absorbed instantly into my skin and gave a nice dewy effect.

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream doesn’t work on spots, but yes, it does reduce fine lines. But again, doesn’t work on wrinkles. With regular use, this cream makes skin plump and skin looks healthy and youthful. And guess what, it didn’t break me out at all. I would say, this product does serve its purpose as an anti-aging cream. The formula is best suited for people with dry skin. Oily skin beauties can also use it, but in very less quantity.

Overall, Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream is a decent daily use anti aging skin. It is especially good in winter because of its moisturizing effect. Regular use can make skin healthy and plump. If you have dry skin all year around, I would suggest you to give this a try.

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Good about Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream

  • Lovely packaging
  • Provides nice moisturizing effect
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Skin looks plump
  • No breakouts

Bad about Garnier Wrinkle Lift Skin Cream

  • Doesn’t work on wrinkles

Availability : easy
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Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 3/5 ♥♥♥

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  1. Seems more like a moisturising cream, rather than an anti wrinkle cream.

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