Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap Review

Hello all 🙂 Today I will be sharing Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap Review. Handmade soaps have become very popular now-a-days and there are lot of new brands coming up offering them. Fuschia is one such new brand and they have a wide assortment of handmade soaps. Handmade soaps are generally milder and gentler on the skin and they don’t dry out the skin like normal soaps. Read on to know how this Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap fares.

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap Review

We all know the various benefits of orange peel for skin. It is rich in vitamin C which helps in skin lightening, treats tanned skin, gives a nice glow to skin, controls acne and also has toning properties. Now imagine getting all these benefits in an easy, soap form. Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap is made from these highly beneficial ingredient and also it is 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. Check out my?Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap Review to find out more about the soap.

Price of Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap :Rs.225/- for 100 g.

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap price

Directions for use :Apply soap on wet body and face, rub to produce lather, then wash off.

Ingredients: not mentioned

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap pack

Shelf Life : 2 years

Color : bright orange

Smell : Fresh citrus scent of oranges

What Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap claims

Orange peels contain a wide variety of nutrients and phytonutrients that are very potent in healing many skin conditions.
a. Acne be Gone – Orange peels help to clean out your skin by extracting dirt from deep inside the pores.
b. Orange Peels for Skin whitening – Orange peels are a natural bleacher and can help lighten dark blotches on the skin and effectively remove them with time. Orange peels help reduce suntans besides deflecting harmful UV rays from attacking skin cells.
c. Off with the blackheads – a natural and non-painful way of getting rid of black heads, also unclogs excess oils and dirt clogged within skin pores.
d. Say no to wrinkles – The powerful anti-oxidants in oranges fight off oxygen free radicals that deprive healthy skin cells of oxygen by stealing oxygen molecules from them. These free radicals play a significant role in creating wrinkles in skin and also lead to sagging of cheeks. The significant amount of calcium in orange peels is also very effective for protecting against premature aging of the skin.
e. Tone your Skin – The abundant vitamin c and anti-oxidants in orange peels maintain the oils of the skin-preventing both very oily and dry skin. Applying orange peels on skin helps remove dead cells, dirt and keeps the skin well moisturized and toned. Additionally, calcium contributes to anti-oxidant production that reverses dry skin into looking healthy and glowing

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap look

My experience with Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap comes in a brightly coloured and designed outer paper packaging. Inside the paper packaging, the soap is wrapped in a thin plastic sheet. There is no ingredients list mentioned in the packaging at all which is a disappointment, as when I spend 200 bucks for a soap, I expect to know what goes into it.

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap?is bright orange in color and has tiny bits of orange peels embedded in it on one side, if you can see in the image above. The other side of the soap is plain. The fragrance is such a fresh, zesty, citrus scent which will instantly awaken your senses and prep up your mood. If you love the smell of oranges, you would definitely love this. But the scent doesn’t last after bath.

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap lathers mildly, not like the usual drugstore soaps. It gets washed off easily without any residue, giving a nice, clean and fresh feeling post-bath. It doesn’t dry out skin much like other soaps, but still you can’t skip moisturiser. Initially, the orange peels were not much prominent, but after some time as the soap melted, the particles started popping out and acts as a mild scrub to remove dead cells.

Coming to the results, Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap gives a subtle glow to skin after using regularly and also I could notice a little improvement in complexion as it removes everyday tan. I also had some back acne and this helped in treating them. Though it is a handmade soap, it doesn’t melt easily and retains its shape. I feel this is a good soap to be used in summers?which cleanses effectively and gives a fresh feeling.

Overall, Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap is a gentle soap which cleanses skin effectively without drying it out too much. The orange peel particles acts a mild scrub. It removes everyday tan and is effective in treating mild cases of back acne. The citrusy aroma adds to a nice experience during bath. I would recommend it as a must try option in summers to get rid of all sweat and dirt and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

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Good about Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap

  • Mild and gentle soap.
  • Cleanses effectively without drying skin.
  • Orange peel particles act as scrub.
  • Lightens complexion by removing everyday tan.
  • Treats back acne.
  • Fresh, citrusy fragrance.
  • 100% vegetarian and cruelty free.
  • Doesn’t melt easily.

Bad about Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap

  • Ingredients list not mentioned.
  • Little expensive compared to other soaps.

Availability :online

Fashion & Beauty Rating : 4/5

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